WWE Elimination Chamber Results 2024: Who Will Fight at WrestleMania?



WWE Elimination Chamber Results 2024: Who Will Fight at WrestleMania?

The 2024 Elimination Chamber was this Saturday in Perth, Australia. The pre-show event was a mystery until the last moment, but we were happy with the results. We will explain all the latest WWE Elimination Chamber results and give you the highlights.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

The surprise match before the event officially started was The Kabuki Warriors defending their titles against Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell. The crowd cheered very loudly for their home girl Indie when she was tagged in the ring. Even though the challengers started strong, the Kabuki Warriors managed to retain their championship belts. Even though they lost the crowd gave Indie and Candice a standing ovation.

Becky Lynch to Fight the Women's World Champion at WrestleMania XL

As we expected “The Man” prevailed and won herself a chance to fight for the title at the top wrestling event in the world. Lynch started in the ring alongside a fellow legend Naomi. Stratton came in third but didn't dominate the fight long.

Next up was Liv Morgan, who wanted a chance to fight Ripley and get revenge for her injury. After Naomi performed a huge sunset flip powerbomb from the top of the pod and to Liv Morgan, Stratton took advantage and eliminated Naomi with a rollup.

Rodrigues entered the ring in the fifth position but was later eliminated by Bianca Belair. The final three contenders in the cage left were Becky Lynch, Liv Morgan, and Bianca Belair, but Liv didn't get her WrestleMania dream thanks to a Man-handle Slam by Lynch.

Thanks to that and being observant of the situation in the ring, Becky punched her ticket to the big show in a few weeks, where she will face Rhea Ripley for the Women's World Championship.

Speaking of Rhea Ripley, let's see what happened in the match for the Women's title in Perth this weekend.

Women's World Title Match – Ripley Defends at Home

Cheered on by her home country crowd, Rhea Ripley successfully defended her Women's World Championship at Elimination Chamber 2024. Jax dominated the fight early on, but Ripley is a champion for a reason. The fight later continued outside of the ring, too. Rhea tried to powerbomb Nia, but Jax countered with a Samoan drop onto the announcer's table. Followed up with an elbow through Ripley that broke the table itself.

Jax almost won the match with the Annihilator, but Rhea kicked out in time. Soon after that, we saw an amazing Superplex from Rhea followed by a Riptide, which successfully ended the match in her favor. The next stop will be WrestleMania against The Man, as we expected to happen.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The challengers Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate started strong and attacked the champions while Dominik Mysterio was introducing them. The fight quickly became a handicap match, as expected because “Dirty” Dom frequently interfered on behalf of his teammates from Judgement Day.

The New Catch Republic threw everything they had at Judgment Day, including a burning hammer, airplane spin, and a Bitter End, but either on their own or with the help of Mysterio, the match continued. The contenders tried hard, and maybe the match would have been different if there wasn't any ringside interference.

But at the end, Priest hit a double South of Heaven, and later Balor's Coup de Grace on Dunne is what ended the match and the champions successfully defended their titles.

Drew McIntyre is the Last Man Standing after the Big Match

The match started with McIntyre and Knight as the first two. The two put on a stunning performance and LA Knight even initiated the pod's help against Drew, while Kevin Owens was on the other side helping with punches. KO was third to enter and he quickly showed them why he was a contender in the first place.

The All-Mighty was fourth and quickly went for McIntyre, who was his opponent in WrestleMania 37. The Viper entered fifth, but his back suffered an injury thanks to a clash with the chamber's floor.

Logan Paul was just about to enter the ring when Kevin Owens met him at the door of the pod and closed it. Inside, where he proceeded to attack him. The commentator referred to that moment as a “fistfight in a phone booth” and we couldn't have explained it any better.

Lashley knocked KO in the pod and almost immediately speared The Maverick in another pod. After that, he was eliminated by McIntyre after two devastating Claymore Kicks. Surprisingly AJ Styles used the moment Lashley was escorted out to enter the cage with a steel chair and attack LA Knight. Drew used his attack to pin and eliminate Knight.

The Viper, although injured, managed to eliminate Kevin Owens and Logan Paul thanks to stunning RKOs, but Drew McIntyre was aided when The Maverick entered the ring and attacked Orton with brass knuckles. McIntyre vs Rollins at WrestleMania, but with a little outside help.

Cody Rhodes Challenges the Rock

We went through all the WWE Elimination Chamber results 2024 of the night, but that's not the only thing that heated the fans. On an episode of the Grayson Waller Effect, we saw Cody and Rollins as guests. The most interesting announcement was that Rhodes challenged the Rock to a match anytime. Will he accept?

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