WWE Royal Rumble Results 2024: Results and Contenders for WrestleMania XL



WWE Royal Rumble Results 2024: Results and Contenders for WrestleMania XL

The matches are over, and the WWE Royal Rumble results are in. Let's see what happened and who won a place at WrestleMania XL which will be in seventy nights.

All the matches were intense, but in the end, the outcomes weren't that surprising even though we saw some exciting things and new names pop up in both rumble matches. The two title events ended unexpectedly and both with outside help, but what exactly happened? Let's find out.

Women's Royal Rumble match outcome

Bayley managed to last an hour, three minutes, and three seconds after entering at number three. That set a new Women's Royal Rumble record. Her main contender Becky Lynch was eliminated by accident and at the end we saw how disappointed she was. There were some surprise appearances, like Naomi, who entered at number 2, and minutes later TNA knockouts champion Jordynne Grace entered, as well.

As things got heated and other familiar names joined the ring, we saw how the arrival of Nia Jax and Becky Lynch reinvigorated the crowd. Jax had the most eliminations, including Xia Li, Carter, Shayna Baszler, Michin, Shotzi, and Valhalla.

There was also a misunderstanding as R-Truth joined the ring alongside Valhalla thinking it was the men's rumble. Jax also tossed him off the top rope. Her reign wasn't that long when Jade Cargill made her WWE debut at number 28 and singlehandedly removed Jax. Tiffany Stratton and Liv Morgan entered last.

After Bayley took her shot and eliminated Stratton and Belair she was left with Morgan and Cargill in the final three. Morgan managed to eliminate Cargill, but she didn't account for Bayley yet again taking the opportunity and eliminating a distracted opponent.

Undisputed WWE Championship match outcome

The Undisputed WWE Championship title managed to stay in Roman Reigns defeated all his opponents in a fatal four-way match. At first, the champion was outnumbered, but the contenders for the title quickly turned against each other.

It looked like the Viper had the advantage after three consecutive RKOs, but the referee was pulled from the ring by Solo Sikoa. When a teammate from the Bloodline again interfered in the match and saved Roman's title, Reigns managed to win by spearing The Phenomenal One and protecting his record, which is still ongoing.

After those exceptional RKOs, if the Bloodline hadn't interfered Orton would have the chance to win a WWE championship for the 15th time in his career. We know that the WWE brand uses these interference moments for the benefit of their product, but maybe it's time to add a second referee to matches, so fair play comes back in style instead of using outside ring interference to win a title time and time again.

United States title match winner

Logan Paul managed to defend his United States title at the 2024 Royal Rumble. In the end, things weren't as clean as it would have been fair, but the social media star managed to win thanks to some interference via disqualification.

They both fought quite well at the beginning, and each had the advantage at one point. After some time of The Maverick trying to pin Owens but failing, a member of his entourage. After some chaos and distractions from outside the ring Grayson Waller and Austin Theory delivered brass knuckles to Logan Paul. The referee didn't see that Logan had the weapon first and Owens got a hold of it. Unfortunately for him, the referee saw that, and he got disqualified.

Logan retained his title even though it wasn't by pinning his opponent for the count. Owens was furious after that, and power bombed Paul through the announcer's table. We imagine there will be a continuance of that storyline in the events before WrestleMania.

Men's Royal Rumble match winner

One of the four superstars to ever win back-to-back Royal Rumbles became Cody Rhodes. Let's check out the WWE Royal Rumble results 2024 from the men's Rumble match, which was at the end of the evening.

Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso were the first two contenders in the match. The brothers hadn't been in the same ring since SummerSlam last year. Andrade made a shocking return in WWE as number 4 and the ring quickly filled with superstars. At one point Gunter had the advantage after he entered at number 18 but the brawl continued. Former NXT Champion Bron Breakker entered at number 20 and eliminated Jimmy Uso and Balor.

A surprise we saw was Pat McAfee entering from the commentary table at number 22, but before he could even touch anyone, he saw the giant Omos and eliminated himself. CM Punk made his WWE return as he entered the Rumble at number 27 and now the two favorites were half of the final four left standing. Drew McIntyre and Gunther were the two others left as Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Roman Reigns watched from their boxes in the audience.

As expected, the American Nightmare and the Best in the World were the two superstars left standing. CM Punk landed a Pedigree and declared he didn't come back to “lose to Dusty's kid.” We saw how Cody countered a Go to Sleep and eliminated CM Punk.

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