WWE Smackdown Results: Fastlane Contract Signed



WWE Smackdown Results: Fastlane Contract Signed

What happened to the Cena and Bloodline feud, who won the matches on the card, and more details are going to be revealed in this WWE SmackDown results page for their September 29th event. Stay tuned for more information. 

Event Kicks Off with the Bloodline 

The show started with a segment from the Bloodline, in which Paul Heyman teased that John Cena wasn't in the house. Jimmy Uso took over and acted like he was better than the current leader of his team Solo Sikoa. That didn't sit well, and we will probably see more of that timeline develop after the Warchief Roman Reigns returns. Karl Anderson from the OC ran to the ring and attacked them, challenging any who would accept to avenge his friend AJ Styles. That led to the first match of the evening, which Uso won. It didn't went unnoticed that Mia Yum slapped Jimmy and threw a scorched look at Sikoa during the match. 

Bobby Lashley on The Grayson Waller Effect 

During Lashley's interview, he revealed that he is no longer working with The Street Profits. After that segment, we saw a match between Austin Theory and Cameron Grimes. As expected, Waller was at ringside during the match. The match ended as expected with Austin Theory defeating Grimes. There wasn't any special moment during the match that we wanted to focus on right now. 

United States Championship Match 

Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar faced each other for the United States Championship title. The student challenged the teacher in this match-up, but the Hall of Fame inducted Mysterio won in the end. At the end of the match, Escobar hesitated to return a gesture of respect, which makes us think WWE will work with that storyline in the future. 

After the match ended the Street Profits came on to the ring and attacked Mysterio and Escobar. Later Bobby Lashley came out and clapped for them, which seems like they have his approval once again. The whole Street Profits & Lashley storyline seems to be rushed, but we will see what will happen in future shows between them. 

Flair Defeated Bayley in a Singles Match 

The match between Bayley and Charlotte Flair was pretty competitive, but it ended with a victory for Flair. Damage CTRL tried to jump on Flair in the ring three-on-one, but they couldn't get the chance because the Empress of Tomorrow's music started playing. She came out frustrated with Damage CTRL, and Bayley announced that Asuka would get the wish with a future triple threat match between IYO SKY, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka for the championship belt. IYO SKY wasn't happy about it but she was calmed down by her other teammate from Damage CTRL. 

Who Will Join Cena at Fastlane? 

After AJ Styles’ injury caused by the Bloodline's attack backstage, it seemed like John Cena would fight them alone, but we found out it isn't like that. Cena's speech and his acceptance that he would have to fight alone if he had to was cut short because the Bloodline attacked him again. It seemed like Sikoa was going to try and eliminate him even before Fastlane, but LA Knight showed up and attacked them before they could severely injure Cena. The show ended with LA Knight signing the contract for Fastlane and becoming Cena's partner. 

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