WWE NXT No Mercy Results: Championship Titles Results



WWE NXT No Mercy Results: Championship Titles Results

WWE NXT No Mercy was at the Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield in California and many exciting things happened. WWE made sure the event was a hit because all the championships were on the line. Let's see who the new (or old) champions are and what happened in the matches.  

Pre-show Match between Blair Davenport and Kelani Jordan 

At the start of the match, we saw that Kelani Jordan was very determined, but she couldn't take the win. Davenport performed a diving stomp into a swinging side slam to take the win. That wasn't the end of it though, Gigi Dolin showed up and started stomping Davenport. Referees had to separate them. We expect to see their feud in future shows develop.  

Bron Breakker vs Baron Corbin 

During the match, we saw Breakker brutally dominated Corbin, but the match surprisingly didn't end in his favor. Mr. Stone distracted Breakker, which led Corbin to win by pinfall. The crowd didn't seem to know exactly how to react to the match, and who to cheer for, but we suspect that Stone's interference is part of WWE NXT's future plans. We will see how things will develop. 

North American Title Match 

Dominic Mysterio faced Trick Williams for the North American title with a special guest referee Dragon Lee. Recently Lee and Mysterio fought in a WWE match, which ended with Mysterio winning. Dirty Dom collided with Lee and sent him off the ring when another referee showed up to complete the match. The new one got knocked off by Dom, as well.  In the end, Trick Williams defeated Mysterio and became the new North American champion thanks to a bicycle knee strike. Dirty Dom's reign is over, but we suspect that his feud with Dragon Lee is just beginning, and we may see a star emerge at the end of it.  

Four-Way Tag Titles Match 

The match for the tag team titles was between four different teams, and we will check out the WWE NXT No Mercy results here. The participants were the defending champions “The Family,” Creed Brothers, Angel and Humberto, and OTM. Although all teams looked ready to win at some point of the match, we saw Tony D'Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo take the win at the end. We expect to see many exciting storylines in the future with the Creed Brothers and The Family, and it was overall a fun match, which was better than the previous ones, so far. 

Heritage Cup Match 

The Heritage Cup match was between the defending champion Noam Dar and Butch. The match was played until the sixth round, in which Dar won thanks to interference from the outside. The crowd loved it, and we might say that this has been the best rounds match ever with both athletes fully embracing their roles and telling their stories. Up next, we might see the Bruiserweight feud with Gallus because of his interference in the match, which led him to lose the title.  

NXT Women's Championship 

The match for the NXT Women's Championship was an extreme rules match between Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton. The match was brutal and both women gave their best for it. At the end, it took Lynch two Man-Handle Slams (the second of which was onto steel chairs), but Becky defended her title. While Stratton lost at the end, she fought with intensity and impressed everyone by kicking out on a Man-Handle Slam. We see a future match between them for the title, but for now, Lynch retained it. 

NXT Championship Match 

Carmelo Hayes defended his title against Ilja Dragunov, and we will see the WWE NXT No Mercy results it now. Although Dragunov dominated early on in the match, Heyes recovered, and the match was pretty even after that. Both athletes gave their best, but in the end, we had a new NXT champion. Dragunov had to do two H-Bombs and a super H-Bomb to end the match in his favor.  

Dragunov pulled Heyes into a hug at the end. The match overall was phenomenal and both participants proved that they are on the top of the food chain for a reason. We expect both to have exciting storylines in the future, but Dragunov established this as his “destiny” and fulfilled it at the end. We can't wait to see where this goes after an iconic match, that is going to be in top matches at the end of the year, if not the best.  

Final Thoughts on the WWE NXT No Mercy Results 

The premium live event started slow with the preshow and first few matches slowly bringing the hype of the crowd, but in the end, it exploded. The two championship matches for the NXT men's and women's titles were phenomenal and will be remembered for a very long time. We can't wait to see what happens after, and how the storylines in this event will change because of the matches that happened on Saturday. 

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