WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Prediction: Who will be the last one standing?



WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Prediction: Who will be the last one standing?

The biggest tournament this month in WWE will be upon us on Saturday, and we will bring you all the latest WWE Royal Rumble 2024 prediction and latest match news, so you are well informed about the probable outcomes. The event will be in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the start of the road to WrestleMania XL.

Men's Royal Rumble possible candidates to win the event

Although we don't yet know the names of all 30 contenders in the match, we must pick at least the top favorites to win. Accidents happen, as you all know and superstars have teamed up before to eliminate a favorite, so we will mention the most likely winners, not accounting accidents.

Cody Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the top favorites, considering he managed to win last year's Royal Rumble. He can be one of the superstars to win two rumbles in a row. The only other people, who accomplished this are Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

CM Punk

Punk is a popular superstar, and his return was all over the news. It's logical to expect him to be the last man standing and win. That will give him his long-awaited WrestleMania moment that he never got while he was with the company up until 2014.

Honorable Mentions

Other names are also highly likely to last until the end or even with the rumble altogether. Last year's runner-up was Gunther and if circumstances are right, he might be able to finish first this year. Also, one of the people who wasn't named as a participant (that we know of yet) is the Rock, who recently returned to WWE.

Most likely candidates for the women's Royal Rumble match

The women's match seems even more unpredictable than their counterparts. We decided to pick the two most likely to win and give you a few other names that also make sense but aren't at the top of our list of favorites.

Becky Lynch

One of the top superstars in WWE Lynch is a total favorite for the Rumble win. If she is successful, she will make history as the first woman to ever win multiple Royal Rumble matches. It makes sense to start 2024 with a new women's record, but there are other options.


Bayley's storyline makes the most sense for this year's Royal Rumble winner because slowly but surely, she has been falling out with the group she created in the first place – Damage CTRL. While she claimed to want the win, so she could challenge Rhea Ripley, it would be a spectacular turnaround if she won and challenged Iyo Sky for the title. That would open the door for a solo storyline focused on her next.

Honorable mentions

Bianca Belair also has the chance to win the Rumble two times, same as Lynch, but in the past, WWE tended to put her at the beginning of the list, so we can see her showing up at or near the start and lasting to the final four at least. Also, Jade Cargill might make her debut on the WWE stage at the Rumble, so her lasting a while is also on the table, if she ends up debuting.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match winner

WWE Royal Rumble 2024 prediction

Image credit: WWE

Since the interruption of the contender match for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship, we knew that a fatal four-way would be one of the matches at the Royal Rumble. It doesn't make much sense to end a reign of over 1200 days as champion in a title match before reaching WrestleMania, so we think Roman Reigns will defend his championship belt this Saturday. The real question would be who he will pin to do it. The contenders are Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and LA Knight, but only one will be left standing.

United States Championship winner

Since winning the title in November, Logan Paul will be defending it for the first time in the Royal Rumble. On Saturday Kevin Owens will challenge Paul and while it makes sense to have him lose the title just to give it to a fan favorite instead of an irregular star like Paul, it also doesn't. It will be too short of a reign in our opinion, so Logan Paul will probably end up winning. Considering how he managed to get the title from Mysterio last year, we expect to see some shenanigans from him. Also, attending a second WrestleMania will be a very big promo for WWE in the eyes of Paul's social media fans.

Final conclusions

All four of the matches for the big show are going to be very interesting and overall, only the rumble matches will be complete surprises, if the favorites don't end up winning. We doubt the two champions, who will defend their titles on Saturday will lose to them at this specific time. It makes more sense to have them defend them now. Our WWE Royal Rumble prediction showed you the possible outcomes for this weekend, but don't be surprised if WWE ends up flipping everything upside down, because they have done it before.

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