About Us

NYFIGHTS started up in late 2015, and almost wasn’t called “NY Fights.” Different domain names were considered, because we knew we’d be covering the entire world of boxing.

Publisher Michael Woods settled on NY Fights because New York, Brooklyn to be specific, is his home base.

Our coverage would reflect some “New York” type traits.

We’d try to be to-the-point, not boring, not afraid to zig a little when others are zagging.

We would welcome a variety of voices, not to tick boxes, but in a bid to offer comprehensive content.

That would mean not employing the usual suspects as contributors. Having an active-duty Marine, Abe Gonzalez—born in the Bronx, for the record—as managing editor fits that description.

We’ve been able to stick to the mission consistently, it seems, as proven by our progress, measured in page views, and feedback.

Hearing from consumers who appreciate NYFIGHTS is a form of payment we heartily appreciate.

Stay with us, friends. As a team, we are in fine form, ready to go 15 hard rounds. We don’t believe in false humility, so we don’t hesitate to say that NYFIGHTS has not yet hit our prime.