WWE Raw Tonight: Undisputed Tag Team Title match and more!



WWE Raw Tonight: Undisputed Tag Team Title match and more!

As the WWE Raw tonight episode comes closer, we will introduce you to the match card, and the events that will most likely take place on September 25th's show. Continue to scroll and see the official confirmed news from WWE and our detailed breakdowns of the upcoming matchups. 

Cody Rhodes Kicks Off the Show 

The first thing that will happen on September 25th's WWE Raw tonight episode is that Cody Rhodes will open the event with a speech. As with many other episodes, we expect him to be interrupted by someone and fans have been speculating who that will be. Some say that Omos will interrupt him, while others have different theories. He closed last week's RAW episode after Jey Uso declined Judgement Day's invitation and Rhodes saved him. Maybe his opening will have something to do with him, and he will be interrupted by Judgement Day. We will see soon. 

Shinsuke Nakamura Update 

Another confirmed fact for the episode in this week's RAW is a segment from Shinsuke Nakamura. For several weeks we saw Rollins challenge Shinsuke Nakamura for the World Heavyweight Championship, but Nakamura always managed to evade his answers and hide when the rematch between them will be. Last week Rollins finally gave up, and it was revealed that in this WWE Raw tonight episode, there will be a segment from Shinsuke Nakamura, in which he will finally reveal the date he chose for the rematch. Keep in mind he chose it because Rollins gave up challenging him every episode, and let him choose the date. 

Undisputed Tag Team Titles 

Next on the match card will be the title match for the undisputed tag team title between Judgement Day and Sammy Zayn & Kevin Owens. From Judgement Day we will see Finn Balor and Damien Priest defending the title they took at Payback with some help from their third member Dominik Mysterio. Will they be able to defend their titles without Dom, or will we see him appear anyway? We will find out this Monday at WWE Raw tonight's episode. 

Dominik Mysterio vs Dragon Lee 

That night the tag team title won't be the only thing on Dominik's mind because he is set to have a match against Dragon Lee to defend the NXT North American Championship. In this episode of RAW, we will see Lee's debut on WWE's roster, and he once managed to pin Dom down in a mixed tag team match. That's not all though because the drama gets bigger. Lee has Rey Mysterio's endorsement already, so the family feud will be raging on WWE RAW tonight. 

The MIZ TV with Special Guest 

It was revealed that Drew McIntyre will be the guest in MIZ TV. Considering last week, we saw McIntyre win against Jey Uso as the main event match on RAW. He won thanks to Judgement Day's distraction, and later when they were attacking Uso he just stood there and didn't help him. We can't help but hope that the Miz will ask about this and more in their interview this episode. 

Bronson Reed vs Otis 

Reed will face off against another member of Alpha Academy after defeating Gable last week. Will he be able to beat Otis this week? 

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