WWE Raw Results: Judgement Day are Still Champions!



WWE Raw Results: Judgement Day are Still Champions!


Last night's WWE Raw results are in and we have a few things to discuss about the most recent show. Let's dive into what exactly happened on Monday, and what the results of the matches were. 

Cody Rhodes’ Opening Speech and the Brawl That Followed 

Cody Rhodes spoke for nearly five minutes to the popping crowd at the beginning of the show but was interrupted by the arrival of Judgement Day. They traded a few insults, and it looked like they were about to attack Rhodes three-on-one until Jey Uso showed up. The odds were still in favor of the villains, but not for long as Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens showed up to back Rhodes and Uso. The Judgement Day didn't like those odds, and they retreated slowly up the ramp, but before they can head backstage, JD McDonagh showed up to support them with some steel chairs. After that three of them attacked the people on Cody's side with Mr. Money in the Bank not liking the idea. In the end, he went to help his team and got a kick to the face and a chair to the back for his troubles. 

Otis vs Bronson Reed 

These two strong men faced each other off next in a match. The two stars collided and sent each other off the ring, but the next collision had Bronson on the ground. Both men are over 300 pounds and, in the match, both men showed their strength by picking the other up. It didn't last very long, and Bronson Reed won by performing a Tsunami on Otis. 

Nakamura Accepted the Challenge 

After weeks of taunting, Nakamura finally accepted the match for the title and announced that it would be at Fastlane in a Last Man Standing match. 

Dominik Mysterio vs Dragon Lee 

This match was for the NXT North American title and Dragon Lee's first appearance on WWE. While they have fought before in NXT, this time around Dom didn't have help from outside of the ring from Rhea Ripley. The match was hard for both, but at the end Mysterio managed to win thanks to a frog splash from the top rope. 

Nia Jax vs Zoey Stark 

Jax and Stark had a backstage encounter after which they went outside to the ring to begin their match. It was intense and Stark had a couple of good shots against Jax, including the dropkick, but after that, she didn't choose wisely and tried to lift Nya on her shoulder for a finishing move. It went wrong and Jax fell on top of Stark. After a couple of more moves from Jax, she finally did a leg drop on Zoey. Later she finished the match with an Annihilator. 

Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre 

After McIntyre's appearance on the MIZ TV he got criticized by the New Day, and before the break Drew challenged Kofi Kingston to a match. Some ringside interference from Ivar distracted Kofi and Drew took advantage and hit a Claymore for the win. 

The Judgment Day vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn 

The main event was a match between Judgement Day and Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. The match was full of exciting moments as four of them are great entertainers, but as expected Dom showed up at ringside to try and interfere, but couldn't because Uso, Rhodes, and McDonagh showed up as a full-on brawl started outside of the ring. WWE officials tried to break up the fight, which distracted the referee long enough for McDonagh to use the championship as a weapon against Sami Zayn, which helped Judgement Day win the match. 

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