WWE Raw Tonight: Women’s World Championship match & more!



WWE Raw Tonight: Women’s World Championship match & more!

The next scheduled WWE Raw show will be in Norfolk, VA this Monday. It will feature an array of superstars, like Ria Ripley, Cody Rhodes, and Gunther. Let's check out our WWE Raw Tonight preview for the full details of the upcoming wrestling event. 

Ria Ripley vs Raquel Rodriguez for the Women's Championship 

The most anticipated match this week that will decide who the women's World Champion will be is between Ria Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez will meet again for the championship belt. In the latest episode of Raw from September 4th, Rodriguez fought Chelsea Green and won. She later spoke with Adam Pearce and arranged to challenge the current champion Ripley in a match for the title on Monday. One of the conditions of the match was that Dominik Mysterio would be banned from the ringside during the match. That's because at Payback Ripley defeated Rodriguez with Mysterio's help to win the title, so this time there will be no funny business. 

Cody Rhodes to address the fans after Payback announcement 

On WWE Raw tonight we will also see Cody Rhodes for the first time in two weeks. We last saw him at Payback 2023, where he announced he got Jey Uso signed to Raw from Smackdown. Ever since then, everyone has been wondering who the other person traded to Smackdown will be in Uso's place. We will find out more about that in Cody's announcement this Monday. 

Celebrating Gunther's achievement 

As the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion, Gunther has made history, which will always be remembered by wrestling fans. In this episode of RAW, we are expecting a celebration of this achievement, but we can't rule out any drama, because this is Raw. Last week Gunther protected his title against Chad Gable, but will the party be ruined by him and Alpha Academy in this WWE Raw Tonight episode? 

Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura? 

At Payback 2023 Seth Rollins managed to keep his title safe against Shinsuke Nakamura, but that beef didn't end there. Later, at last week's Raw, Nakamura threatened Rollins that he wanted a rematch, but no other details were given. Will we find out when the rematch will take place, or will we see another confrontation? 

In the latest episode of Raw, we saw Nakamura refuse to give Rollins a rematch, but Rollins wasn't happy. He attacked Shinsuke Nakamura on the entrance ramp. The brawl wasn't long because Adam Pearce got security out to try and stop them from fighting. Ricochet also showed up to try and stop Nakamura from hurting the injured World Heavyweight Champion. What will happen next? Why did Ricochet appear? 

Other appearances on WWE Raw Tonight 

Besides the people we already mentioned, it was announced that we will see a few more faces on the September 11th episode of Raw. Becky Lynch is set to appear, but we don't know why or when. Also, we will presumably see Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn from Smackdown appear on this episode of Raw. If and why they will appear on the show is still a question, but we will see this Monday. 

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