Cameron vs Taylor 2 Weigh In: Ice Cold Undisputed Champions Weigh In



Cameron vs Taylor 2 Weigh In: Ice Cold Undisputed Champions Weigh In

On Friday afternoon, in Dublin, we had the Cameron vs Taylor 2 weigh in and it confirmed that we’ve got an undisputed world title fight. 

It was the final time the pair would come face-to-face before their fight for all four of the women’s light welterweight world titles in Dublin on Saturday night.

The fighters on the undercard also took to the scales at the Cameron vs Taylor 2 weigh in, including the co-main event between Gary Culley and Reece Mould.

Here’s all the Cameron vs Taylor 2 news you need to know ahead of tomorrow’s huge event.

Cameron vs Taylor 2 Weigh In: More Motivated Than Ever

Both women came in close to weight once again at the Cameron vs Taylor 2 weigh in, as they had at their first fight.

Back in May, both fighters came in at 139.7 lbs on the scales, and there was little change this time, with champion Cameron weighing 139.5 lbs and Taylor just 0.1 lbs heavier on Friday.

The respect was once again on show as they came face-to-face, as it had been at Thursday’s press conference, with neither of the two undisputed world champions saying a heated word in their opponent’s direction. 

Speaking to DAZN following the face-off, the challenger, Taylor said: “I’m feeling great, the support here is always amazing. I just can’t wait to get in the ring now, I’m excited.

“I’m very very hungry. I don’t think I’ve ever been this motivated for a fight. I just can’t wait to step in there and perform. I don’t mind being the underdog at all.”

It was clear the ice-cold blood flowing through each fighter's veins as neither gave much away at the weigh in, as they hadn't on Thursday either.

It wasn't the case on the whole of the Cameron vs Taylor 2 undercard however.

Cameron vs Taylor 2 Weigh In Results:

Undisputed Women’s Super Lightweight World title: Chantelle Cameron 139.5 lbs vs Katie Taylor 139.6 lbs

Lightweight: Gary Culley 134.45 lbs vs Reece Mould 134.95 lbs

Welterweight: Paddy Donovan 146.6 lbs vs Danny Ball 146.7 lbs

Heavyweight: Thomas Cartey 254.25 lbs  vs Dan Garber 220.5 lbs 

Interim Women’s Featherweight WBC World title: Skye Nicolson 125.15 lbs vs Lucy Wildheart 125.3 lbs

Super featherweight: Zelfa Barrett 132.3 lbs vs Costin Ion 132.25 lbs

Light heavyweight: Emmet Brenan 170.3 lbs vs Jamie Morrisey 169.7 lbs 

Featherweight: John Cooney 129.6 lbs vs Liam Gaynor 128.8 lbs 

Super featherweight: Giorgio Visioli 149.5 lbs vs Lee Anthony Sibley 133.5 lbs

Whilst the two main protagonists for the evening were very respectful towards each other, there was animosity further down the Cameron vs Taylor 2 weigh in results.

In the rest of Cameron vs Taylor 2 news there was more spice in the co-main event as Culley and Mould went head-to-head. 

Mould could be heard saying “You didn’t see it coming last time either did you, you were f****d,’ referring to his rivals loss last time out, before shoving Culley.

Cartey also promised to knock out Garber and there was more physicality as Ion shoved Barrett ahead of their meeting.

Jamie Morrisey also threatened to be too much of a step up for Emmet Brenan, claiming, ‘You’re messing with a real one now.’

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