Tyson Fury in the WWE



Tyson Fury in the WWE

Tyson Fury's future seems even more uncertain with every passing day. Will he fight Usyk or will he retire again and move towards a different sport? Did you know that he made an appearance in the WWE a few years back and had every intention of continuing to fight there in the future?

Tyson Fury in the WWE: Past Experience and Future Plans

It all began in late 2019 when Tyson Fury made an appearance on WWE's SmackDown. During one of the matches, Braun Strowman threw his opponent, Dolph Ziggler, in the direction of Fury, who was positioned there as a “fan”. After the match ended, Tyson tried to jump over the barricade but was held back by security.

Little did fans know that Fury was actually there because he had signed a contract to fight Shaun Strowman at WWE Crown Jewel three weeks later. Their beef ended with Fury defeating Strowman via countout. Can you guess how much he was paid for this brief participation? Reportedly, nearly £12 million.

Fury made a couple of other appearances at WWE events since then but did you know that he was supposed to become a regular?

Covid-19 Prevented Fury From Becoming a WWE Superstar

Tyson Fury had every intention of becoming a superstar in professional wrestling but his plans coincided with the recent pandemic. In fact, there is information that the WWE had planned multiple fights for him in 2020 that would culminate in a match at Wrestlemania.

Fury himself revealed more in an interview in 2021. According to his words, he was supposed to fight at SupperSlam and WrestleMania, and also headline a special PPV event in the United Kingdom. All of those plans had to be canceled due to the coronavirus.

Right now, with Fury being at the end of his boxing career, we think that his return to the WWE is simply a matter of time. He actually made an appearance in 2022 during the Clash of the Castle show in Wales.

Back then, Roman Reigns, the undisputed champion, defended his title against Drew McIntyre, the same person that Fury was supposed to face in 2020.

During the match, Austin Theory tried to intervene by using his “Money in the Bank” clause, which allows him to join a title match at any time during the current year. Surprise, surprise – Tyson Fury stepped in and knocked out Theory with a single punch at the barriers, thus stopping him from entering the contest.

This was the last time we saw Tyson Fury in the WWE. However, his journey is far from over.

When Will We See Tyson Fury in the WWE Again?

This year was a busy one for the Englishman. He fought Francis Ngannou in October and was supposed to fight Usyk before the end of the year. This is clearly not going to happen as Fury is trying to find every excuse to postpone that fight until a convenient time in 2024.

Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou

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Already in early 2023, Tyson Fury hinted towards a return to the WWE. He said that he hopes to come back soon and he wants to become a world champion. He said that he wants to make that long-anticipated battle against Drew McIntyre a reality. But he also stated that professional wrestling is far more difficult than boxing to him.

To sum it all up, Fury stated that he is open to starting an actual full-time career in wrestling after he retires from boxing. Should he do it?

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