2023 WWE Royal Rumble: Live Results, Winners & Highlights



2023 WWE Royal Rumble: Live Results, Winners & Highlights

One of the most anticipated events of the year is upon us. The WWE is kicking off 2023 with one of their most-watched premium events, the Royal Rumble. Every year, rumors swirl leading up to the event as the WWE looks to surprise their fans with a participant or two that no one expected. For those who can’t watch the event on Peacock, we at NYFights have you covered, as live updates will be posted within this article so that you don’t miss a thing. Is this the moment The Rock comes out and makes his anticipated appearance? Do we see the rattlesnake ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin raise hell in the rumble? All the questions will be answered soon enough.


  1. Gunther, 2. Sheamus, 3. The Miz, 4. Kofi Kingston, 5. Johnny Gargano, 6. Xavier Woods, 7. Karrion Kross, 8. Chad Gable, 9. Drew McIntyre, 10. Santos Escobar, 11. Angelo Dawkins, 12. Brock Lesner, 13. Bobby Lashley, 14. Baron Corbin, 15. Seth Rollins, 16. Otis, 17. Rey Mysterio (no show), 18. Dominik Mysterio, 19. Elias, 20. Finn Balor, 21. Booker T, 22. Damian Priest, 23. Montez Ford, 24. Edge, 25. Austin Theory, 26. Omos, 27. Braun Stroman, 28. Ricochet, 29. Logan Paul, 30. Cody Rhodes

Men's 2023 Royal Rumble Match

The intercontinental champion Gunther from the Imperial is number one, and following him is Sheamus, opening up the Royal Rumble. Gunther tried to get Sheamus out early, but he was able to break out and avoid a quick elimination. Kofi Kingston comes in at number four, giving the rumble an early boost of action. The Miz ends up being the first person to be eliminated in this year’s Royal Rumble after getting a Brogue kick in the face by Sheamus.

When Drew McIntyre came in at number nine, he started to clean house, and the first one he eliminated was Karrion Kross with a boot to the face. The roof blew when Brock Lesnar’s music played as he was number twelve.

He cleared the ring with nothing but Supplex Cities to everyone standing. Bobby Lashley followed Brock and welcomed him with a spear. Bobby Lashley eliminated Brock Lesner with a close line, and the fans in San Antonio erupted. Lesnar was pissed, and when Barron Corbin walked to the ring, he was met with an F-5 by Lesnar.

Rey Mysterio was supposed to be number seventeen, but after his music played, he didn’t come out, and the following number called was his son Dominik. It looks like something happened to Rey before the rumble. Booker T made a surprise appearance at number twenty-one and was received with a nice ovation from the crowd. When Edge’s music played at number twenty-four, the place went nuts as he immediately went to get payback on Judgement Day. Things started to get interesting at twenty-six and twenty-seven as Omos and Braun Stroman came into the rumble back-to-back. The two big men exchanged blows in the middle of the ring. Then with some momentum, Stroman eliminated Omos.

The surprise entrant at twenty-nine was Logan Paul, who made an immediate impact. Cody Rhodes made the place rock when he entered at number thirty. Logan Paul and Ricochet jumped from opposite sides of the ring and collided midair. It was a huge spot.

The remaining four were Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Gunther, and Austin Theory. Cody eliminates Theory with a close line. Loan Paul was never eliminated and came back to throw out Seth Rollins. Cody Rhodes then eliminates Logan Paul by throwing him over the top rope. The last two standing was Gunther and Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes hits the crossroads, and once Gunther gets up, Rhodes close-lines him and eliminates Gunther, making him the 2023 Royal Rumble winner.

The Pitch Black Match: Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight

The lights went out and the black light brought out not only the make-up of Bray Wyatt but the ring ropes and Knight’s ring attire. As expected, Wyatt controlled the beginning of the match which saw him throw LA Knight all around the ring. Knight made his way out of the ring, but Wyatt followed him and after getting his feet tangled up, Knight jumped on Wyatt and crashed through the announcer’s table. The momentum shifted towards Knight as he had Wyatt a little dazed.

LA Knight somehow found a kendo stick and hit Wyatt with it from the top rope. But this was short lived as Wyatt hit the Sister Abigail move and was able to get the pin. Bray Wyatt is victorious in what was a short match. Afterward, Wyatt stalked LA Knight all the way to the back even though he was being hit with the kendo stick. Uncle Howdy appeared about 50 feet above Wyatt and executed a elbow drop from there onto LA Knight who was just lying on the floor.

WWE Raw Women's Championship: Bianca Belair vs. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss dominates the beginning of the match as Bianca Belair couldn’t get any momentum. Bliss went for the cover early, but Blair kicked out as Bliss was talking to Belair in an attempt to get into her head. Bliss kept using Belair’s ponytail to gain an advantage over Belair. The tables then turn as Belair started to impose her size, strength and athleticism on Bliss. Belair hit a moon-saw from the ropes and when she tried for the pin, Bliss kicked out. In what was a smart countermove, Bliss hits a DDT, covers Belair but wasn’t able to get the three count. Bliss is clearly in control of the match at this point and isn’t letting Belair to gain momentum. But then out of nowhere, Belair hits her K.O.D. move and covers Bliss to get the win. Bianca Belair remains the RAW Women’s champion in what was an another quick match.


Entry Order:

  1. Rhea Ripley, 2. Liv Morgan, 3. Dana Brooke, 4. Emma, 5. Shayna Blaszer, 6. Bayley, 7. B-Fab, 8. Roxanne Perez, 9. Dakota Kai, 10. Iyo Sky, 11. Natalya, 12. Candice LeRae, 13. Zoey Stark, 14. Zia Li, 15. Becky Lynch, 16. Tegan Nox, 17. Asuka, 18. Piper Niven, 19. Tamina, 20. Chelsea Green, 21. Zelina Vega, 22. Raquel Rodriguez, 23. Mia Yim ‘Michin', 24. Lacey Evans, 25. Michelle McCool, 26. Indi Hartwell, 27. Sonya Deville, 28. Shotzi, 29. Nikki Cross, 30. Nia Jax

WWE Women's 2023 Royal Rumble Match

Rhea Ripley came in first to open up the women’s rumble, and Liv Morgan came in at number two. Ripley started to have her way with Morgan and didn’t give her any opportunity to catch fire. The rumble’s action came in waves, and Bayley coming in at six gave the women’s rumble a nice boost. Local hometown wrestler and NXT champion Roxanne Perez gave the fans something to get out of their seats for but then was lost in the ring, which was full of wrestlers at this point in the rumble.

Damage Control was dominating the rumble, and as they say, business was starting to pick up as they were eliminating one after the other. Natalya, at number eleven, received a nice ovation and followed it up with clearing house in the ring before getting hit from behind by Shayna Blaszer. Damage control continued to rack up the eliminations, but Becky Lynch came in at fifteen to challenge their dominance. Asuka’s return at number seventeen was much needed at this point of the rumble as the crowd started to quiet down again. When Piper Niven came into the ring, she had no problem giving everyone the business, and the ring was clear for her face-to-face with Tamina.

Bayley eliminates Beck Lynch, and then Liv Morgan eliminates Bayley. That was a great sequence of events and kept the momentum of the rumble going. One of the more interesting entrances was Michelle McCool, who was a spectator, but her music came on as the number twenty-five entrant into the rumble. Sitting with what appeared to be her kids in the front row, she took her jacket off and started attacking the other wrestlers. The thirtieth entrant was none other than Nia Jax. It was a huge moment in this rumble match.

Rhea Ripley, Nikki Cross, Asuka, and Liv Morgan were the last four remaining. Nikki Cross is eliminated by Liv Morgan, leaving Ripley, Asuka, and Morgan. With all three women on the apron, Asuka sprays Morgan with the mist but gets eliminated by Asuka. Morgan and Ripley are left on the canvas, and then Ripley eliminates Morgan. Rhea Ripley is the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble winner.

WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owen

Roman Reigns strolled around the ring shouting, “I’m going to teach him a lesson tonight’. They finally lock up, and Reigns hits Owens with a shoulder block to start the match. Reigns kept getting the better of Owens while taunting him with his words. Owens then turns the tables and unleashes his offense on Reigns while taking him outside of the ring. Owens threw Reigns against the front-row barriers and completely controlled the match.

Reigns took back control of the match and slowed it down to make the punishment feel worse. While Owens is on the apron, Reigns delivers a “drive-by” on Owens and continues to have his way with him. The slow pace is what Reigns likes to operate in, but after a few sequences, Owens takes back that control with some rights and lefts. Owens lands a frog splash while Reigns is lying on the outside of the ring and then executes another frog splash on Reigns while inside of the ring. After trying to pin him, Reigns kicked out at two.

Reigns executes a superman punch after a reversal, but Owens kicked out of a pin when Reigns tries to end the match. Reigns went for the spear and missed, which led to him ramming his shoulder into the ring post. Owens then went to the top rope, executed a swan tan, and covered Reigns, but he kicked out at the two count. After a few sequences going back and forth, Reigns executes a spear, but when he pins Owens, he is able to kick out at two. Owens went for the stunner, but Reigns blocked it and was pushed into the referee. Owens executes the pop-up powerbomb, but he can’t get the win with no referee to count. Reigns then hit Owens low, which was allowed as the referee was still down.

Reigns asked Sami Zayn to get a chair. After getting him the chair, Reigns turned around, and Owens executed a stunner, but when he covered him, Reigns kicked out at two. Reigns then landed a superman punch followed by a spear, but Owens was able to kick out of the cover from Reigns. After Zayn pleaded with Owens to give up, Reigns executed a spear on Owens through the ringside barriers. Reigns hit one last spear and covered Owens for the three count and the end of the match. Roman Reigns remains the undisputed WWE champion.

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