WWE Smackdown Tonight: Jimmy Uso vs AJ Styles & more!



WWE Smackdown Tonight: Jimmy Uso vs AJ Styles & more!

WWE Smackdown tonight is going to be very interesting because it will feature matches that many have been expecting, and some will be fallout from the WWE Payback event. We will give you all the information on the main card matches and other speculations. 

Confirmed match #1: Jimmy Uso vs AJ Styles singles match 

The first confirmed match we know about is the highly expected fight between Jimmy Uso and AJ Styles. In the last episode of Smackdown on September 1st, Uso interrupted AJ Styles’ match against Solo Sikoa and sabotaged AJ's move, while he was on the ropes, which Sikoa used to his advantage, and won the match.  

After the match, Jimmy went into the ring and attempted to celebrate with the victor, but Sikoa went for a Samoan Spike, which didn't happen because Paul Hayman convinced him not to. The drama doesn't end there though. As Sikoa and Hayman were leaving the ring, Uso hit Styles with a superkick and a Uso Splash. The commentators said that maybe Uso was trying to get back in, but they didn't speculate whether the Bloodline would agree or not. 

This Friday on WWE Smackdown tonight we will see Uso face Styles, although there were some comments where fans wanted to see Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles. It's going to be the main event on the card that night, but not the only one. Let's see what else is scheduled. 

Confirmed match #2: Charlotte Flair & Shotzi vs Damage CTRL (Bayley & IYO SKY) 

Like the situation in the previous September 1st match, the event that made the Smackdown match for the 8th was an interference. Shotzi and Bayley were in a match, which ended after Charlotte Flair interfered and Shotzi took the advantage and won. Flair came out because Bayley was going for SKY's championship belt (presumably to use as a weapon against Shotzi), attacked SKY, and the cherry on top was that when the referee was distracted, Charlotte attacked Bayley, too. Shotzi used this to her advantage and won the match. 

Later in an interview backstage, Bayley accused Charlotte of “stalking‚ÄĚ the title and always showing up even when the match isn't for the title. She said that Damage CTRL was ready for Charlotte and Shotzi, but asked the interviewer if Charlotte Flair knew that the match isn't for the title. ¬†

The third member of Damage CTRL ‚Äď Dakota Kai has been appearing in videos and interviews but is still not ready to compete, so we won't be seeing her in the ring with her teammates. She hopes to be ready to fight in 2024, and we wish her a speedy recovery.¬†

Other matches on the card for September 8th 

Currently, we haven't confirmed any other matches for the Friday event, but we can't wait to see what other matches they have cooked for us. The event will be held at TD Garden in Boston, and if you want tickets, you should visit the links on the official WWE website for the event.

In the trailer for the upcoming show, we saw that whatever the other parts of the event are, they will likely be related to WWE Payback. So, we speculate that we will see the fallout from that show, and the storylines will continue. 

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