Paul vs Diaz Live Round By Round Coverage of Jake Paul Win



Paul vs Diaz Live Round By Round Coverage of Jake Paul Win
Jake Paul saluting, photo by Esther Lin

Paul vs Diaz live round by round time is now! Jake Paul versus Nate Diaz, the original influencer boxer against the UFCer Diaz.  Young and fresh versus grizzled and reefer-soaked, at 185 pounds max, at American Airlines Arena, from Dallas, Texas on Saturday, August 5.

Jake Paul Is 6-1, Nate Diaz Is 0-0

The Ohio native Jake Paul is 26, and took up boxing in 2018. The resident of Puerto Rico holds a 6-1 record, with 4 KOs, while foe Nate Diaz, out of Stockton, CA, is 0-0 in boxing. In MMA, he owns a 22-13 record.

Diaz is 2-3 in his last five MMA outings, though that goes back to 2016, you can ponder that before we begin Paul vs Diaz live round by round coverage.

Diaz hasn't been fighting frequently for awhile. Before this Paul vs Diaz live round by round coverage piece posted, several NYF pundits noted that they think Nate is a bit worn out, and will get stopped.

NYFIGHTS has Paul vs Diaz live round by round coverage

NYFIGHTS FAM THINKING JAKE STOPS NATE Prior To Paul vs Diaz Live Round By Round Recap

Ex fighter Tommy Rainone weighed in:

“Jake Paul by stoppage,” the Long Islander said. “Nate is too hittable, too old and too shot. He also can't crack an egg.  I got a lot riding on Jake, money wise. I liked him for a lock soon as the fight was announced. Wouldn’t be too wild a thought to bet money on a disqualification with Diaz involved.”

Fellow ex pug Paul Malignaggi also thinks we see a stoppage: “Jake 8th round KO, Woodsy! Nate is tough but he's small and a bit shop worn! Too many miles on the odometer,” the former fighter said before we began Paul vs Diaz Live Round By Round coverage.

This scrap came together thusly–Jake Paul has had a now long standing beef going with UFC head honcho Dana White. Nate Diaz and White have sparred each other for many moons, over contractual matters and the like.

Diaz and UFC parted ways, which opened up the non pugilists' mind up to alternative forums.

Some possible storylines: BJ Flores is not head trainer anymore, how will Jake look after that switch? He has to know another loss after being beaten by Tommy Fury would hurt his progress and plans.

Check it out, live scoring for Paul vs Diaz:

ROUND 1: Jake is happy that big brother Logan Paul made it from WWE SummerSlam, in Detroit, to Texas. Sounded like maybe more Diaz fans made it to Texas than Jake fans? Sounded loud in the joint…The lefty Diaz looked chill, he edged forward, Jake warmed up. A Jake left landed, the crowd loved it. He swarmed and buzzed Nate. He looked to hold, with 1:15 left. A Jake left hook landed.

The action got messy in the last minute, then Diaz swing wildly, didn't look like he had much on them.


ROUND 2: Nate came out fiery. He looked sort of slow and gawky. His arm punches looked weak. They went toe to toe a minute in. More clinching…The arm punching looked ugly from Nate. Jake stayed cool, ripped a few combos, went to the body. Nate had some luck infighting, his accuracy stood out. Jake moved decently to escape Diaz. Tight round.


ROUND 3: Nate tried to get in Jake's face, not give him room to operate. His corner wanted Jake to move more. Diaz was warmed up now. Nate edged forward, he is the taller man, is he the stronger, after rounds go by?

Jake's power spoke, he mixed shots well, using some uppercuts. More body work from Jake, good placement on the belt. Diaz started clowning. Tight round, again.


More Paul vs Diaz Live Round By Round Coverage

ROUND 4: Jake was busy in tight to start. Nate tried to pepper, not much on it. Long jab from Jake, dictating pace. Nate sloppily went at Jake. Coach J'Leon Love wanted more outside work, and jabs, from Jake. The arm punches from Nate, oh my. His volume was on, but no power. Nate was in dog mode, going at Jake, trying to wear him down. Inside, Nate was scoring better.


ROUND 5: Nate looked confident to start. Body work from Jake on point. Jake jabbed and turned, smart boxing as Love called for. Body men showed good energy at this midway point. Then, down went Nate! It was from a left hook, on the temple, caught him coming in. He was up, at 1:33. Jake peppered and pressed…Nate slowed down, looked to grab. Nate roared back late, but lost that round.


ROUND 6: Jake went back to the body, he stuck to the game plan well. Nate was backing up now. The left hook again from Jake. Nate came forward, but Jake moved well, smartly, he had good energy for round six.

Jake feinted, pressed, was in control. Nate looked a bit beat. Jake stuck and moved, his jab keeping Nate at bay.


Still More Paul vs Diaz Live Round By Round Coverage

ROUND 7: Jake scored a right down the middle. He moved laterally, light on his feet. He switched directions, used the jab to maintain the distance he wanted. Inside, Jake had a power edge. Outside, too. Nate came forward, but his aggression wasn't effective, really. Nate did land late, he kept going forward, though his arm punches didn't look too tough. Nate did up his work rate late, but didn't steal the round. His last minute was better than Jake's, however.


ROUND 8: They worked inside, good energy from Jake. Nate stalked, but Jake moved and stayed in control of the domain. Jake was 122-311 to 88-266, according to CompuBox. Jake is the better ring general. He snuck a right around the guard, he was seeing inside the ring well. Diaz talked trash, but Jake controlled the space. Nate late, he landed once again better in the last minute. Didn't steal the round, though? Maybe he did…


ROUND 9: Nate clowned, feigning being hurt..Jake moved, he was told to smart box. More volume from Jake this round. Jake was the busier man in the first minute. Stick and move from Jake worked well. Nate took round off to last minute.

Would he steal the round? He came forward, but not that effectively, because Jake moved more. Nate connected in the last minute, once again, smart tactic, work hard in the last minute.


ROUND 10: Jake Paul moved, knowing he was ahead. Nate came forward, but was a step slow. Nate tried to evade combos, he stayed cool under pressure. Movement galore from Jake…Jake got angles and ripped. Good action for late in the fight. Diaz swarmed but Jake wasn't going to get steamrolled. He pivoted and pecked away, smart boxing his way to the win.


NYF scored it 8-1-1 for Jake, with an extra point for the knockdown.

The judges scored it for Jake Paul, UD, scores were 97-92, 98-91, 98-91. 



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