Paul vs Diaz Fight Card Info: Trainer BJ Flores Prediction



Paul vs Diaz Fight Card Info: Trainer BJ Flores Prediction

The Paul vs Diaz fight card main event is almost on. Who wins and how, Jake Paul against Nate Diaz? Ex fighter BJ Flores, now on the management side, said he’s still on board the Jake Paul train: “I’m supporting and very excited about Jake’s boxing and this fight.

“I think Jake beats Nate, under four rounds,” said Flores of the Paul vs Diaz fight card main event.

“I think he comes out sharp and fast. I feel he definitely does knock Nate out. Lots of people saying they don’t think he stops Nate, I think he does, it doesn’t go past the fourth or fifth round.”

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Flores will attend the fight, he said.

Paul vs Diaz fight card info: BJ Flores helped Jake Paul get ready for Anderson Silva

Paul vs Diaz fight card info: BJ Flores helping Jake Paul get ready for Anderson Silva. Flores thinks Jake definitely stops Diaz in Dallas

Theotrice Chambers Cornering Jake Paul On Paul vs Diaz Fight Card

Theotrice “Third” Chambers is chief second for Jake Paul (6-1, 4 KOs) in Dallas, for the record. The Michigan man fought pro from 1990-1993, going 10-3 along the way, mainly as a featherweight.

It was looking like Shane Mosley would be head trainer, but that petered out, looks like, after a “text message” flap.

Mosley worked with Jake Paul back in the “early days,” in 2018, for his pro debut (vs A E Gib, 1-3-20). He was working with Paul in 2020, too. Flores hooked on for Jake’s second pro fight, against NBAer Nate Robinson (11-28-20).

BJ Flores Now On Management Side

Back to Flores…the BJ Flores management stable, he shared, consists of BKFCers cruiserweight champ Lorenzo Hunt and middleweight Jake Bostwick. Also, Flores is part of a council for the Misfits brand, helping determine matchups and such.

Ok, so is Flores done training? “No, I’m not closing the door on it, if the right opportunity comes up…But I’m not pursuing it.” All in all, he said, he’s enjoying this other side of the game.

THE FIGHT: Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz was billed as Ready 4 War, and will unfold at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

THE STAKES: Tommy Fury defeated Jake Paul in February 2023, in Saudi Arabia, via split decision. Paul expressed interest in an immediate rematch. Instead, there'll be a face-off between Tommy and KSI, another JP rival. They face off in October, for the record.

One could assume the winners will meet, should Jake get through Nate Diaz.

On April 12, word dropped that UFC fixture Nate Diaz would meet Jake Paul in an eight-round bout, the boxing debut for Diaz. Paul asked for a longer fight, so they went from 8 to 10 rounds in June.


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