Counting Down To Paul vs Diaz Round By Round Coverage



Counting Down To Paul vs Diaz Round By Round Coverage
Press conference photo by Esther Lin

Influencer Jake Paul takes on weed huffing MMAer Nate Diaz tomorrow, August 5, in Dallas, Texas. NYF will have Paul vs Diaz round by round coverage for you, if you are unable to watch the battle.

The athletes went at it verbally during the Thursday presser to hype the PPV, and then their posses rumbled to cap the session. You had Jake's bro Logan Paul, a WWE standout, and Jordan Maldonado, Amanda Serrano's beefy trainer/manager looking at the Diaz posse, which included some jumbo dudes.

Pushing started after yapping, and a scrum formed.

It looked like there was tension in the air because Diaz wouldn't come forward, and look into Jake's eyes. The scrum was over pretty quickly, though. There, is, however, fallout, with a Team Diaz person alleging they were injured during the pre-fight non-fight.

Paul vs diaz round by round coverage on NYFIGHTS Aug. 5

Paul vs Diaz Round by Round Coverage On NYF Saturday

Diaz is a funny one, he totally looks like a regular Joe, and comes off as kind of beleagured. At the presser, he sported a white undershirt, cut off at the shoulders, a ball cap, and a dazed/confused/defiant persona.

“I think he’s a bully,” he answered, after a Chong-y pause, to emcee Ariel Helwani, who said that Jake Paul had labeled Diaz the “b” word.


“Well, I’m not an effin’ bully, he’s the bully,” the 38 year old Cali native responded. The Paul vs Diaz round by round coverage will surely reflect the beefing.

“He throws water bottles at innocent people, chocked em out on the streets, talks a lotta shit,” the 26 year old Jake Paul stated, when asked for more from Helwani.

Ariel Helwani

Ariel Helwani presided over the Thursday Paul vs Diaz presser in Dallas. Photo by Esther Lin

He heard some boos from the crowd, and figured out his cowboy hat wasn’t swaying all in attendance.

“And I’m gonna bully the bully…Yeah, boo yourselves,” he said, getting into heel mode. Paul vs Diaz round by round coverage will feature the talker in action mode.

“Boo yourselves, boo yourselves. I’m gonna bully the bully! This is the guy that you guys love over here, he’s gonna be dead on Saturday night. I’m gonna finish his career! Boo yourselves, peasants!” He paused, and added, “Eff off!”

Yep, he went full heel then, his words matching that black hat on his head.

Jake Paul at August 3 press conference

Jake Paul played the heel angle on Thursday, yelling at the pro Diaz fans in Texas. Photo by Esther Lin

Helwani asked for Nate's take. He paused. “Bully,” is all Nate said.

“Is he effin dumb? Rhetorical question,” heel Paul continued. “He can’t even speak!”

Paul says he’s due for a fine outing, as he’s working with a new training/coaching crew.

BJ Flores is no longer head trainer, for the record.  Larry Wade, conditioning ace,  Jake said, has been a massive boost. Theotrice “Third” Chambers will be top cornerman on Saturday for Jake.

Smack Talk Before Paul vs Diaz Round by Round Coverage

Jake called Diaz a bitch when asserting that the MMA dude turned down a Diaz v Jake MMA scrap. “I have ten million dollars for you in MMA, and you still haven’t accepted it,” he said. “After I eff you up in boxing, I’m coming to MMA and I’m gonna eff you up worse! I’m choke your bitchass out. Accept the offer, you pussy! But you won’t, you won’t accept the offer!”

Diaz drifted away, and recalled hitting a bouncer with a bottle, and said he saw that same bouncer on stage left. “Eff him, eff you, and eff MVP!”

“I like it, Nate’s alive,” Jake jabbed. “We woke the beast up. I like it, cmon, talk your shit, talk your shit, Nate!

Nate Diaz on Aug 3

Nate Diaz is a stubborn soul, he doesn't like to play along when he's not feeling it. Photo by Esther Lin

Diaz said he’s not done with MMA, but will consider an MMA fight with Jake, he said.

Would Jake do MMA at UFC, with Dana White? He sort of indicated, vaguely, that he would.

“I promise I’m gonna be the first one to make this man go to sleep,” Jake Paul stated, when asked if he sort of needed to make a conclusive statement after losing his last fight. “Unconscious Nate!”

Diaz zags when zigging is expected, at times. He was offered a softball, when asked what would happen between the two in a street-fight, and he answered: “I’m not gonna be walking around no streets…I’m not looking for this guy.”

“I’m gonna bend him over and eff him like a cowboy,” said Jake, when faced with the same query.

Jake Paul and brother Logan Paul

Jake Paul drew fire from some for his profane talk at the Aug 3 press conference. Both Jake and brother Logan Paul know how to conjure buzz. Photo by Esther Lin

This went on, with Nate labeling Jake “the gay guy” after he did the cowboy crack.

He promised to “grab his cheeks” Saturday, playing into the jesting. The Paul vs Diaz round by round coverage will probably not feature any action that spicy….

Nate got more heated when a “media member” mock apologized to Nate for a prior interaction…and then capped the apology with a wish that Nate gets knocked out. Nate stood up, and invited the lad to the stage.

We are one day away from Paul vs Diaz round by round coverage on NYF. “I’m killing this man, I’m telling the truth,” Jake said, when asked about using that bracing language the day before. He said it wasn’t talking smack, it was talking truth.

NYFIGHTS will have Paul vs Diaz round by round coverage as well as a detailed recap of the clash, and undercard action, for your pleasure

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