Paul vs Diaz Predictions



Paul vs Diaz Predictions
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Paul vs Diaz predictions time is here. “Love Him or Loathe Him Jake Paul,” that's what one of the NYFIGHTS team calls him. The polarizing Mr Paul takes on MMA legend Nate Diaz in Dallas, Texas on Saturday evening, an event to be offered on pay per view.

The NYF Squad and extended fam weighed in with predictions for the 185 pounds max scrap, which sees Paul very much not wanting to lose two straight, after taking an L against Tommy Fury his last time out. If you can't watch the PPV live, we will offer live round by round coverage on NYF.

Paul vs Diaz predictions

Paul vs Diaz predictions time: Most respondents are thinking the younger man handles the faded vet. Photo: Esther Lin

GAYLE FALKENTHAL: “Love him or loathe him, Jake Paul takes boxing seriously enough to put in the time and sweat equity to train. He's learning on the job and we will get to see what he learned from his first loss against Tommy Fury in February.

Paul has the equivalent of a tune-up fight against polarizing MMA personality Nate Diaz.

Paul and Diaz have a long history of trash-talking, but things have quieted down, and this tells me they're both taking things seriously.

The edge always goes to the boxer in a boxing ring – it seems fairly obvious doesn't it? Paul also has one-hitter quitter power and when there isn't all that much coming back at him, he can land it and it's lights out. This is the first 10-round fight for Paul, but it's not going the distance. Paul in eight.

Jake Paul fights Nate Diaz after losing to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul would probably have to re-think his boxing trajectory if he loses two in a row…

Abe Gonzalez: Paul vs Diaz predictions time: Jake Paul by fifth round knockout, and will once again build up the KSI fight for later this year or early 2024.

More Paul vs Diaz Predictions

Lucas Ketelle: Not the fans. I guess, Nate Diaz – but the whole thing just is weird. It feel outdated – the respect I have for the sport is being mocked in order to make daring, shocking, and riveting content. This fight feels like a jarring juxtaposition of two dramatically different people fighting for fans who mostly don't watch boxing.

Tommy Rainone: Paul by stoppage. Nate is too hittable, too old and too shot. He also can't crack an egg.  I got a lot riding on Jake $. I liked him for a lock soon as the fight was announced. Wouldn’t be to wild a thought to bet $ on a disqualification with Diaz involved.

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz at Aug 4, 2023 weigh-in

Things got chippy at the presser and weigh in. Might we see Nate Diaz lose it and start using his MMA techniques? We shall see. Photo: Esther Lin

Barak Bess: Jake. Could go either way UD or KO. I think Nate is tough but if Jake stabs that body enough he might get a stoppage.

Paul Malignaggi: Jake 8th round KO Woodsy! Nate is tough but he's small and a bit shop worn! Too many miles on the odometer!

Matt Andrzejewski: I have no idea what to expect in this fight as I contemplate Paul vs Diaz predictions.

Paul is a newcomer to boxing who found a new avenue to make a few bucks. Diaz is an MMA fighter who is past his prime in that sport. Yes, experience in combat sports, but not in a boxing ring.

My lean is that the oddsmakers have it right in installing Jake Paul as the favorite but I could certainly see a scenario in which the more seasoned combat sports veteran takes him to school.

I think we see a lot of antics between the two in the ring and maybe someone ends up getting DQ'd. I will officially say Paul wins by DQ in round 5.

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Matthew Pomara: Paul's size, reach, and youth will be enough for him to edge Diaz. However, Diaz is a dangerous fighter and should not be underestimated. That being said not sure he has the skillet to pull the upset. His best hope is Paul tires out… He won't.

Going with experience and skills. Jake Paul by late KO.

Michael Montero: I give Jake Paul credit, he takes his training seriously and he is wasting no time getting back into the ring after suffering his first professional loss in February.

Team Paul is back to their original model – beating up on older MMA fighters with big names.  I don’t see this going the distance.

Gimme Paul by late TKO.

Amanda Serrano and Heather Hardy

Speaking of predictions…Heather Hardy is 41 and is getting another crack at Amanda Serrano. Can the Brooklyn trail blazer shock the world and upset Serrano, a P4P type? Photo: Esther Lin

Derric Rossy: Agree with Mr. Rainone in his Paul vs Diaz predictions offering.  Diaz' chin is gone, too weathered down.  Paul by stoppage. Ref will stop it because Nate Diaz would rather die than lose… or worse in Mr Diaz' mind, quit.

Mariano Agmi: I’m going to go against the grain (if just for fun) and pick Nate Diaz by upset TKO late in the fight. He always comes to fight in good condition, and I think Jake had trouble making weight.

Paul vs Diaz predictions

ULO thinks we see some wild and wooly action in #PaulDiaz

My Three Cents: There should be some good action on the undercard. I'm curious to see how Ashton Sylve (9-0) does in a step up fight versus seasoned William Silva (30-4).

Also, the indefatigable Heather Hardy (24-2), she's 41, and got a rematch against hard thumper Amanda Serrano (44-2-1), age 34.

Hardy says the first time they fought, half her training team, since replaced, didn't think she had a chance. She went the distance that night, back in 2019.

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