Jonas vs Mayer Purse: A Regular Paycheck for the Champion



While female boxers traditionally earn way less than their male colleagues, a legendary fighter like Natasha Jonas must surely get a hefty paycheck, right? How much will she earn for her title defense this weekend? Here is everything we know about the Jonas vs Mayer purse.

What Will Jonas vs Mayer Be Paid To Fight This Week?

The United Kingdom must feel like a second home to Mikaela Mayer by now as this will be her fourth fight in a row in the country. In her debut in the country, she faced Alycia Baumgardner in a unification match in the super featherweight division. This was her only career defeat. Since then, she won the vacant WBC interim lightweight title after stepping up the weight class and then moved even higher to welterweight.

Mikaela Mayer has never faced such a boxer in her career. The legendary Natasha Jones has been a world champion in multiple weight classes and will fight in front of her home crowd at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool. And while Jones will be at an anthropometric disadvantage, as usual, she is far more powerful than her opponent, as usual. Now, let's discuss the potential Jonas vs Mayer purse.

How much does a top-ranked female boxer earn per fight? While the numbers are far from impressive, Natasha Jones is one of the highest-earning females in the sport.

As usual, there is no official information disclosed ahead of this bout. The pay-per-view sales are not out and we have not seen information about the bid for this match. Therefore, we can only make predictions based on the limited data from previous matches.

There hasn't even been any mention of the purse from Natasha's latest bout when she won the IBF welterweight title. The latest data we found was from her previous fight against Marie-Eve Dicaire in November 2022. According to reports, Natasha Jones was guaranteed at least $500,000 for this match. Of course, she certainly received a win bonus and a percentage from the PPV sales.

In all honesty, we do not expect to see a huge increase a year and a half later. This will not be the type of “mega fight” that attracts the attention of the whole world although the arena has been sold out and there will be no better boxing event in the whole world this weekend. We would put our money on the prediction that Natasha Jones will earn around $500,000 again.

As for her opponent, Mikaela Mayer is unlikely to be this lucky. As the contender, she will probably earn about half that number. There are reports that Jones' recent opponents got paid around $250,000-275,000 when they faced her in the last couple of years. Mayer is far from reaching the legendary status of her opponent and this is why we anticipate a similar cut from the Jonas vs Mayer purse. If we were to bet on it, we would pick $300,000 for Mikaela Mayer.

Are you tuning in for the event tomorrow? Martial arts fans have the opportunity to spend half a day watching boxing and MMA this weekend. The Jones vs Mayer program will end right on time to simply switch the channel and watch the full card of UFC 297. Do you have a better thing to do this weekend?

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