John Cena Makes A Triumphant Return to Friday Night SmackDown



John Cena Makes A Triumphant Return to Friday Night SmackDown
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John Cena made a huge return to Friday Night Smackdown as he teamed up with Kevin Owens to defeat the team of Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn.

It was the year's last show, and over 15,000 fans showed up to Friday Night SmackDown in Tampa, FL. Plenty of new stars fill those arena seats, but the WWE went to ole faithful John Cena to close out the year in a big way. He teamed up with Kevin Owens to face the company's biggest star Roman Reigns, and his partner Sami Zayn.

Prior to making his way into the ring and while his music was playing, he was grateful for being able to perform for the last twenty years. The “Bloodline” made their way down to the ring shortly after, which resulted in the fans reacting even louder for the new breed that has been carrying the company this year.

Former best friends Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens start the match off while John Cena and Roman Reigns exchange pleasantries. Owens starts to dictate the action until Zayn reverses a move between the ropes and gets the better of Owens. There was a break in action as Owens kept taunting Zayn, and Reigns stuck his hand out to be tagged into the match. Reigns comes in, pushing Owens to tag Cena now as the crowd chants his name, but he isn't able to as Reigns hits Owens with a close line.

Reigns shows his power and starts to have his way with Owens before the segment goes to a commercial break. After the break, Owens starts to get some momentum by close-lining Zayn so that he can tag Cena as both men are down. Cena is screaming to be tagged, but Reigns pulls Cena down, which doesn't allow Owens to tag him into the match. Owens can finally make it to a tag, but the corner is empty as Cena is on the floor from the Reigns attack.

Owens hits his pop-up powerbomb and covers Zayn, but Reigns breaks up the count. Owens regains momentum, super kicks Reigns, and then nails his frog splash from the top ropes, but Reigns breaks out of the count. Reigns then hit his “Superman Punch,” and just when Reigns thought he had Owens, he missed with his spear. Owens finally tags Cena, and the place goes nuts.

Cena comes in, clears house, tags Owens, and does the five-knuckle shuffle with Owens on both men. Cena executes his attitude adjustment, and Owens executes a stunner, which results in a pin over Sami Zayn. John Cena and Sami Zayn close out WWE's year with a victory over the Bloodline.

And yes, the ratings popped:

P2+: 2.441M – Up 10% vs. last week

18-49: 718K – Up 14% vs. last week and No. 1 on TV

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