Zepeda vs. Prograis: Live Round-by-Round Scoring & Fight Results



Zepeda vs. Prograis: Live Round-by-Round Scoring & Fight Results
Photo Credit: Tom Hogan

Jose Zepeda took on Regis Prograis for the vacant WBC super lightweight title on Thanksgiving weekend live on

Maybe it’s not totally what we had in mind when we lobby for the best fighting the best. Neither Regis Prograis nor Jose Zepeda, junior welterweights who battled in California, are superstars of pugilism.

But the Louisiana native Prograis (27-1, 23 KOs; RING No 1) and the Cali resident Zepeda (35-2, 27 KOs; RING No 3) are top of the heap in their division, undeniably skilled practitioners, and this is closer to a pick em fight than many pundits assume.

Zepeda vs Prograis proved to be a showcase for Prograis, who locked into a rhythm and proved his superiority with a flourish in round 11

Prograis, 33, hasn’t been helped by the pandemic slowdown, he’s fought just once in 2020 and 2021. He may show effects of aging, and lack crispness. This match versus Zepeda is his second start in 2022, and yes, he’s favored in the battle of southpaws.

“Chon” is streaky, this 33 year old fights to the level of his competition often. So, we can probably expect the best version of him.

Let’s get ready to watch the rumble.

Expect ring walks anytime after 11:00 p.m. ET/ 8:00 p.m. PT. If you can't catch the action live, keep it locked here on NYFights for live round-by-round updates with an unofficial scorecard so you can see who is ahead


Per BetMGM, Regis Prograis is the favorite at -400, and Jose Zepeda is the underdog at +333.

Regis Prograis: Decision +175; KO/TKO +100

Draw: +1600

Jose Zepeda: Decision +650; KO/TKO +800


Round 1: WBC super lightweight title on the line, y'all. Ex 140 champ Regis (27-1 entering) came to ring first, then Zepeda (37-2 entering). Main event from MarvNation and Legendz, round one….Ref is Ray Corona, btw. Jabs galore in first, as Pro is ultra confident. Zep looks little tight, but he landed a couple good power punches. Regis had the volume edge, Zep power/hand speed looked good.

NYF Score: Prograis, 10-9

Round 2: Clear round for Pro, he was so comfy. He moved his head, hard to get a bead on, swept hooks, and a power left was a sharp connect. Zep needed to be busier, he was stiff.

NYF Score: Prograis 10-9

Round 3: Prograis in a rhythm! Moving smoothly, head back and forth, lulling Zepeda, who was watching way too much. Ring generalship has Regis up 3-0. The Zepeda corner told their guy he was down 3-0!

NYF Score: Prograis 10-9

Round 4: All Regis, more smooth work, he was dancing in there. Zepeda is stiff, watching too much. We saw blood on right eye of Zepeda end of round. Regis edged closer and his hand speed had him landing VERY short, hard shots.

NYF Score: Prograis 10-9

Round 5: Regis in control, Zepeda tried to steal it end of round. No deal–Regis kept jabbing, moving his head, jabs to the body worked. Zepeda actually started to time connects maybe a bit better. But Regis shutting him out…

NYF Score: Prograis 10-9

Round 6: Battle of the lefties, Regis in total control. He backed up Zepeda in every round, and again, this one. His jab was peppy, and Zepeda didn't have an answer as Regis grooved. He was having fun, winning rounds, pretty easy work.

NYF Score: Prograis 10-9

Round 7: Easy work round, Regis allowed Zepeda to come forward some, and didn't work for the Cali boxer. He got coming in, and then backing out, too. Regis had this thing in his pocket, and he was having fun.

NYF Score: Prograis 10-9

Round 8: Levels, indeed. The hand speed, the accuracy, the mobility…Regis is on another level, no, a level and a half. Easy work, yet again

NYF Score: Prograis 10-9

Round 9: Yet again, ultra easy work. Zepeda looked on auto pilot, til end of round, when they traded. Zepeda face starting to look marked. The jab, so smooth, and Regis had control of the pace of the round with that alone. Easyyyyy peasyyyy

NYF Score: Prograis 10-9

Round 10: Best power punch for Zepeda, left hand caught Regis coming in. But Regis started tattooing him, right hands sweeping. Tighter round, it was a rumble

NYF Score: Zepeda 10-9

Round 11: The power spoke, a left hand hurt Zepeda, Regis leapt on him, battered him, and that was all she wrote. Stoppage win for Regis! A one-two started it, Regis backed him up, into the ropes, and his left hand was vicious. The ref yelled to Zepeda to answer, he couldn't. The end : 59 seconds elapsed in round 11. The new WBC super lightweight champion of the world is Regis Prograis!


Method of victory: KO11

On the NYF card, Regis Prograis was up 9-1 at the time of the stop

NY Fights had Prograis ahead 9-1 after ten rounds against Jose Zepeda


The first round at the War Grounds looked close and then it was all Regis Prograis over Jose Zepeda. The Louisiana born hitter won the WBC 140 pound title, with superior everything.

In round 11, Rougarou closed the show in this PPV put on by Marv Nation and Legendz. A one-two had Zepeda hurting and Prograis knew what to do, finish him off. Left hands raked Zepeda on the ropes and the ref waved it off, one minute into the 11th.

NYF gave Zepeda a single round before he got walloped late. He had no answers really, because Prograis got into a stellar rhythm and his jab set the tone every single round.

The punch stats for Nov. 26, 2022 fight between Regis Program and Jose Zepeda

The punch tallies tell the same story was what played out in Cali. Prograis dominated Zepeda

In the battle of lefties, Prograis looked two levels about Zepeda, who fought tight, spending time looking at Regis, and not throwing. That's because he got backed up for most of the scrap.

After, Prograis gave Zepeda big props and said this was his hardest fight as a pro. Could have fooled us; Prograis' head movement alone almost won him a round or two, Zepeda had pretty much no clue what to do to change the trajectory of a night that belonged to Regis Prograis.

LAST WORD: The PPV delivered, with the Charles Conwell fight being particularly tasty.

Punch statistics for the Charles Conwell-Juan Carlos Abreu junior middleweight bout

Conwell had to work hard to get this win, Abreu didn't ever fold even though the Ohio boxer's skill set is a notch better than his

The Ohio 154 pounder went up against a very willing and able Juan Carlos Abreu. The judges saw a majority decision, but no, Conwell had the edge, though Abreu impressed all at the War Grounds and watching on mightily impressed with his heart and fighting spirit.

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