WrestleMania Backlash 2023 Prediction: Fight Previews, Betting Odds and Tips



WrestleMania Backlash 2023 Prediction: Fight Previews, Betting Odds and Tips

Making a WrestleMania backlash 2023 prediction can be hard, but I'm here to help you out. Let's delve into these matches and odds a bit to get a better understanding of tomorrow's action!

As we head into 2023's WWE Backlash event, it's good to get ahead of the matches themselves and do a bit of a deep dive. We've got many huge names on the bill and there will absolutely be some upsets. Wrestling isn't always fair, and there are so many things that can come into play when in the WWE's squared circle.

The WWE is making its long awaited return to Puerto Rica, and the Puerto Rican talent on the card should result in an absolutely energetic  WWE audience. With one more sleep to go until the action begins, let's look into the WrestleMania Backlash 2023 odds, the matches at play, and make some WrestleMania predictions!

WrestleMania Backlash 2023 odds and tips

WrestleMania Backlash 2023 prediction

Per the pundits, betters and bookies, these are the numbers that should keep your money safe should you roll the dice and bet on some of the matches tomorrow night.

  • Seth Rollins -1900 vs Omos +900
  • Rhea Ripley -600 vs Zelina Vega +400
  • Austin Theory -150 vs Bobby Lashley +300 vs Bronson Reed +400
  • Bianca Belair -300 vs Iyo Sky +250
  • Bad Bunny -900 vs Damian Priest +550
  • Sami Zayn, Matt Riddle and Kevin Owens -150 vs The Bloodline +150
  • Cody Rhodes +100 vs Brock Lesnar +100

So, I think some people are expecting Seth Rollins to win by the looks of it. He's a huge favorite to beat the absolute unit of a man that Omos is. If you like a big, and I mean big in every sense of the word, underdog, Omos is the cash cow here. However, the numbers don't favor him for a reason, and there's no such thing as a safe bet in professional wrestling.

If you ask me, I'd say a great parlay to make would be on Rollin(playing it safe here), Rhea Ripley, Bad Bunny, and Brock Lesnar. Parlays and props are where the money is at, and for someone that has an incredible lack in confidence at any given situation in life, I'd say this parlay is a fairly safe one.

Again, there are no safe bets, but if you've got some money you're just needing to put on the line, then play it safe by paying mind to the odds listed above.

WrestleMania Backlash 2023: Fight Previews and Predictions

Seth Rollins vs Omos

Despite Amos being a huge, big ol' giant of a man, I'm going to lean with the athlete that's favored at -1900 by the oddsmakers. Seth Rollins just has too much that could go right for him should he grab this win, and I think it'll happen.

Rhea Ripley vs Zelina Vega

Zelina may have the Puerto Rican fans on her side, but they can't help her while she's in the ring. Despite her being very talented, it's hard to imagine Rhea Ripley losing anytime soon. There's some heat between these two, and there's not a chance that this will be a boring match.

With that being said. Rhea Ripley should get the win tomorrow.

Austin Theory vs Bobby Lashley vs Bronson Reed

Bobby Lashley is incredible, he's iconic, he's tenured, and he's ripped. Bronson Reed is newer, but wow, he's also a powerful force. However, it's Auston Theory that holds the belt and I think he'll be crafty enough to get the win, retain the title, and propel his momentum even further.

Bianca Belair vs Iyo Sky

It was very difficult to come up with any WrestleMania backlash 2023 prediction, but this match was especially tough. Bianca Belair is a great champion, but I think we're going to see an upset here. Someway, somehow, Iyo Sky will pull this off and walk away with the Raw women's championship.

Bad Bunny vs Damian Priest

This one, this is the one right here! This is the match that'll have the entire crowd vocal, on their feet, and wanting to see more. The Puerto Rican talent that will be in the ring during this bout will be through the roof. And, if I had to pick, I'm thinking that there's no way Bad Bunny loses this match. Close? Yes. But this is Bad Bunny's match to win.

Sami Zayn, Matt Riddle and Kevin Owens vs The Bloodline

I might let my bias show here, but you've already read this far, so stick with me a bit longer. I love Matt Riddle's personality. From who he was on The Ultimate Fighter, to who he is now, I'm about it. Further, Sami Zayn is absolutely hilarious and Kevin Owens is nothing short of a great addition here. But, you know, The Bloodline is pretty brutal. I'm leaning toward The Bloodline getting the upset.

Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar

Really, it's a shame that someone has to lose here. For me, this is a heart vs brain decision, but I think that following WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar will be able to get this one done! This will be no easy task, of course; Cody Rhodes has the tools to get a win here. But, will he? The odds are very close on this one for a reason, and this match will essentially be a highly entertaining coin toss. I'm sticking to my guns and saying Brock Lesnar gets his hand raised here.

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