Salute to Scot England, 0-1



Salute to Scot England, 0-1

Scot England found out the hard way you don’t play boxing on Tuesday night in Nashville. The 58 year Tennessee old man stepped to the line against a 23 year old foe Jashawn Hunter and quite quickly understood that his pro career would not be lengthy.

Down went England on the “Country Box” card at the hands of North Carolina’s Hunter, who came in 0-6, right away in the first.

England rose, showing big heart, but the ref saw he was on iffy legs, and waved it off in round one in Nashville.

Scot England with wife Jayne

Scot and Jayne, both knowing it’s one and done for the now retired campaigner

England afterwards told NYFIGHTS he is one and done.

Guinness had been contacted to check out the world’s oldest debuting pro welterweight. That isn’t so much the focus now.

“I’m fine,” England said, an hour after getting stopped.

“Just disappointed I let down all the old guys. And I think I might have set another record for the shortest pro boxing career!”

Jashawn Hunter rose to 1-6 in Nashville

Yes, England showed guts galore getting in there and he’s to be commended for his demeanor post-fight, too.

I offered him my commendation, for trying, for attempting that feat which 99% don’t have the courage to try.

Courage, or cuckoo? Scot’s wife had lobbied against this attempt initially but relented.

“I think my nose is broken but not that bad,” England said. “I'll probably stay up most of the night and listen to my wife yell at me,” he quipped.

“I felt happy for the other kid,” he said, as good naturedly as his aching nose would allow. “He got his first win. I hated it had to be against me, but I'm sure something good will come out of it. If nothing else, it sealed the deal on any future fight.”

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