Power Slap 5 Prediction: A Changing or the Titles?



Power Slap 5 Prediction: A Changing or the Titles?

We've given you a preview of the main card, the time and method of watching, so now, we're going to give a Power Slap 5 prediction! Four titles are on the line, but who's going to be taking them home? Here, we'll talk about these title fights and who we think will be walking away with the win and how.

Some undefeated athletes with great records are putting it all on the line and we couldn't be more excited. Now that we're just hours away from the action starting, it's time to lock in our bets and see how well we do. Below is our Power Slap prediction.

Power Slap 5 Prediction – Main Event: Da Crazy Hawaiian vs Kalani Vakameilalo

This is a tough one, but we've got a job to do and that's to give you an answer. First and foremost, expect a great bout here. With two big, tough and heavy-hitting Hawaiians going at it, you can almost always expect an instant classic. But, someone has got to put a 1 in their loss column.

As for our prediction; well, this could be a coin toss. It's hard to picture either of these guys getting finished, so we'd imagine the judges will have their say in this. Da Crazy Hawaiian is just so hard to not root for. His highlight reel and undefeated record speak for him very well, and with what we've gathered, we've got to pull with him to walk away with the super heavyweight title.

Da Crazy Hawaiian to win by decision

Power Slap 5 Prediction – Co-main Event: Damien Dibbell vs. Nate Burnard Power Slap 5 Prediction

Damien ‘The Bell' Dibbell is 2-0 with a knockout win on his record. That's pretty impressive, considering how early in the infancy stage Power Slap is. I mean, this event is titles Power Slap 5 — that's pretty early into something. With a 50% finishing rate and making note of the matches ‘The Bell' has won, it's hard not to pick him to retain his belt here tonight.

Nate Burnard does bring some serious power into any bout he's in. Also 2-0 with a knockout win, Burnard is looking to score the upset tonight and take the heavyweight title home with him. Though it is very possible, we don't see it as very likely. We're pulling for Dibbell to retain the belt.

Damien ‘The Bell' Dibbell to win by stoppage

Power Slap 5 Prediction: Ron Bata vs. Austin Turpin

Ron Bata is a great, great slapper. But, opposite him is a tough task, a steadfast force and a man who knows how to shut the lights out. This is a very, very interesting match. Bata, also known as ‘Wolverine', has had quite the road to get here. He's picked up losses, avenged them, and put himself in a position to take on one of the biggest names in Power Slap right now.

However, Turpin might just be too much at the time. It seems like Austin is meant for this. You know how Mike Perry fighting in bare knuckle just makes sense? That's the vibe we get from Turpin in Power Slap. Turpin is younger and he'll either beat his elder or get taught a lesson by him.

We're leaning toward Turpin on this one, though. He's just so perfect for the sport, or at least, he seems to be so thus far.

Austin Turpin to win via stoppage

Power Slap 5 Prediction: John Davis vs. Azael Rodriguez

We're running it back! John Davis was able to make quick work of Azael Rodriguez back at Power Slap 1. Will tonight be any different? The champ, Davis, is 5-1 with 2 knockouts to his name. He's been at the top for some time and in being there, he's fought a lot of the best guys there are.

Rodriguez took his loss and bounced back well. It seems that he's a much different athlete now, but is he the guy to dethrone Davis? We don't think so; not yet, anyways. We are leaning toward this one being a better match than the first, but the result should see us with the same guy winning as the first time.

John Davis to win by decision

Erik is a long-time MMA fan and writer. Ever since catching some Chael Sonnen trash talk on a commercial, he's been hooked on the sport. Erik spent a lot of time writing while attending college at Wichita State University. Now, he spends his time covering the sport of MMA, training in BJJ here and there, and occasionally hitting skateparks!