Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 Odds Check



Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 Odds Check

Liam Smith vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 odds check is here for you.

Friends, we have a fight tonight on ESPN+ as Liam Smith (33-3-1, 20 KOs) seeks to repeat and Chris Eubank Jr. (32-3, 23 KOs) looks to gain revenge in their main event.

Smith, age 35, is portrayed as the favorite in reputable betting parlors.

So, how are you playing this middleweight scrap?

Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 odds

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Smith is the favorite, at -165, at BetRivers, with Eubank offered at +152 at FanDuel.

A draw?

That’s labeled +1300 from BR.

Odds from licensed sources, FanDuel and BetRivers

Being that Smith finished Eubank in round four in their first encounter, the boys put Smith ending it in the fourth at +1400 (FD).

Eubank pulling a first round stoppage? +5500 from FD, as we ponder Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 odds.

Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 Odds Talk

The over-under could be a tempting play.

Think “Beefy” has and kept Eubanks’ number? If it ends before 8.5 rounds have elapsed, odds are +155 (BR).

Many folks pondering a wager have been looking at Eubank and wondering how his head is.

He got dropped twice in the fourth and the ref didn’t let him try for three. He was looking ok before that, his mobility, hand speed and fluidity looked like a winning combo.

Can Eubank stay composed, relaxed, and not overly worry if his chin is going to cooperate?

Hey, sometimes guys get “chinny” overnight—did Smith’s fourth round attack permanently re-wire Eubanks’ chin? That’s heavy on our mind as we ponder Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 odds.

Will the presence of Brian McIntyre provide a boost to the Brit, being that Bomac is associated with the top pugilist on the planet, pound for pound?

Maybe you picked up on something at the weigh-in… Did he seem tight to you, perhaps?
Our man Keelin thought about the faceoff and offered this:

Despite actually outboxing Smith for the first three rounds, Eubank's ego led him head on into a firefight of a brawl with a brawler, and inevitably got blasted on the jaw and knocked into the shadow realm. Cue one massive, massive upset, and instead of eating KFC, Chris Eubank Jr found himself snacking on a whole heap of humble pie.

I liked Keelin’s take here, too:

However, my concern for Eubank is twofold. One, I am curious if Eubank will be much more cautious in this fight. He knows that Smith can knock him out, and he will NOT want to repeat that.

Two, will Eubank give in to his ego again? Will he try and get into another stupid firefight to try and prove something?

If he does, then I am confident in offering you the prediction that history will repeat itself.

Asking Around On Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 Odds and Betting Plays

We asked on X how people are playing this one.

A friend in Oregon posted his picks, after sifting Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 odds:

Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 Odds Talk

MY THREE CENTS: OK, time to let the dust kick up, then settle.

Hey, let’s hope for no low blow situations, eh?

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