How Wearable Tech Can Help Boxers



How Wearable Tech Can Help Boxers

Technology helps us in every sphere of life.

Technology advancements have allowed wearable tech to become a thing of the present, with everyone throwing their gear into the mix.

You can buy watches that track your fitness levels and condense your phone down onto a tiny screen.

You can find glasses that allow you to control things with your eyes – although these aren’t so widely used right now ($$$).

No matter what you want tech for, there’s something out there for it. Even boxers can add some hi-tech gear to track their workouts. We’ll stay on this throughout this article and tell you how wearable tech can help boost boxers’ performance.

Under Wraps
There is plenty of gear for boxers to wear underneath their wrist wraps. These then link up to a smartphone and offer performance biometrics. This tech is available for amateurs and those picking it up as a hobby at home.

One example is Hykso, whose thumb drive-sized sensors slip discreetly into boxing wraps. Over time, you will be able to spot trends and find out where you need to improve.

As a bonus, you can also gain access to a large community of boxers that can support you on your journey.

Think Fast
Technology from the likes of StrikeTec has been circulating professional circuits for years now, but can now be purchased by amateurs boxers.

The sensors are worn as a wrist strap, connected to a smart device, and offer insight into how powerful and how fast your punches are. Further, the device allows you to gain insight into your punch rotation – helping you improve.

The tech is perfectly adequate for personal training and sparring sessions.

Versatile Gear
There’s some tech that helps with a range of sports, including boxing, which makes it the perfect choice for the avid sports players amongst you.

Moov Now comes as a band that can be strapped around the wrist or legs. You hook it up to your smartphone and can get real-time insights into your performance. Whether you’re swimming, running, or boxing, you can work on your performance with this wearable tech attached.

Head Gear
For something different, the Cue Sport Sensors are attached to protective headwear. The idea behind this is to track how many hits you take and monitor your overall safety during fights.

Once your match is finished you can view the schematics and work out at what points you let your guard down. Your smart device will show you a heat image of your head, showing you exactly where you were hit and how hard. Using this information, you can train and push yourself further.

Technology has grown to new heights and is only going to carry on expanding. The beauty of wearable tech is that it’s not so affordable now that the average amateur boxer can’t afford it.

Whether you want to hit the gym or practice in the comfort of your own home, you can embark on a boxing journey at any level with a little investment.