Defeating Terence Crawford



Defeating Terence Crawford

Bud Crawford isn't really the type to come and knock on your door– he'd rather you knock on his. Jeff Horn is more likely to hear, “Who cares?” rather than “Who's there?”

He knows what The Hornet is, and if anything, has been stung by the notion of “Who's scared?” coming from Queensland in Australia. Maybe Horn got a boost from Roy Jones Jr during his recent visit, an added dose of confidence to compliment an arrogant rugby in the ring. It's Floyd Mayweather Sr. trying to convince Ricky Hatton that he can get cute.

Terence Crawford is to his prime now, what Manny Pacquiao was to his own in May 2009. Unleashing the epitome of himself as a fighter in full dimension, Pacquiao damn near killed Hatton for being an asshole during much of the run-up– his mouth was a faucet with an annoying accent that would not stop running– so Pac-Man put up the highest video score in his game's history, blowing up Hatton under neon lights and flashing bulbs, knowing Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather were watching.

☆☆☆   ☆☆☆   ☆☆☆

That was then. Keith Thurman and Errol Spence are watching now. Defeating Terence Crawford, the 2018 version, would come down to one of them. He'll damn near kill Jeff Horn. And if this were 2009, Bud would chop down Thurman in a way to give Cotto flashbacks 2 ‘Pac'.

But it is not 2009.

This era of sudden “injuries” that postpone shit and PED “inquiries” from non-A side positions can happen now. Politics… can really happen now in boxing– in front of a priest. After he dips his hands in holy water, Terence Crawford is going to lose his religion baptizing Jeff Horn.

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