6 Essentials To Start Boxing At Home



6 Essentials To Start Boxing At Home

If you want to switch to a healthy lifestyle with regular activity in your routine, it might be time to consider boxing.

Anyone can try out the sport as a way to stay fit. Boxing is an inexpensive and easy sport to try since you don't need a lot of equipment, especially if you’re just looking for a way to keep your body moving. However, if you want to do the sport properly, you will need to invest in essential boxing equipment.

Boxing can provide you with several benefits, like increasing your stamina and burning calories quickly. Don't wait any longer; include the sport into your daily routine and reap the rewards. If you're ready to try out boxing at home, here are some of the essential boxing equipment to invest in.

1. Boxing Gloves
If this is your first time trying out boxing, you should invest in a pair of good-quality boxing gloves. The primary purpose of using boxing gloves is to provide enough protection for your hands while working out on a heavy bag.

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Among the various boxing gloves on the market, you can find non-molded thumb and molded thumb models. If you want the best protection during your boxing sessions, investing in boxing gloves with a molded thumb is a good idea.

2. Hand Wraps
Hand wraps are one of the essentials in boxing since they help protect your hand and wrist bones but make sure you know how to use them correctly.

With proper wrapping, the hand wraps can provide appropriate protection for your knuckles while minimizing the risk of wrist injury when punching hard.

The hand wraps can also help prolong the lifespan of your boxing gloves by absorbing sweat and blood that would otherwise come into direct contact with your gloves.

Today, you can easily browse a variety of hand wraps in different styles and sizes. If you choose a lengthier style, you can wrap your hands in various ways, including the basic method and one that covers between your fingers. You can start with one pair of hand wraps, but it's best to get an extra. Ideally, having two or more pairs of hand wraps is best, but this will depend on how frequently you train.

3. Heavy Bag
If you're going to practice boxing at home, you’ll need to invest in a durable heavy bag. You now have a number of options to choose from. The majority of heavy bags are usually 4-5 feet tall, weigh up to 70 pounds, and contain soft or hard fill. The bags are available in leather, vinyl, or canvas.

An advantage of a heavy bag is its versatile nature, allowing you to train various techniques such as your punches, uppercuts, and hooks.

You may get one that comes with a stand or mount that you can quickly install on the ceiling. If you're going to hang it from the ceiling, make sure it's secure.

4. Reflex Bag
A boxing reflex bag or cobra bag might be something you want to consider investing in if you're planning to improve your boxing at home. It works similarly to a freestanding bag, but has a smaller target with a spring, so the bag bounces back after you hit it.

Most of them are small, so you can quickly put them aside after your workout. A reflex bag is an excellent tool for practicing light punching combinations and improving the timing of your punches, but be careful not to use too much force.

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5. Skipping Rope
If you want to improve your boxing form, make sure to get a jump rope or skipping rope. It's a piece of must-have equipment that can help develop your overall body conditioning as well as your footwork, balance, and punching capabilities. It's best to use one during your warm-up session to get your blood pumping before your boxing workout.

6. Small Weights
Hand weights are a good addition to your boxing arsenal. It's preferable if you already have some, but if you don’t, consider getting several pieces.
The smaller hand weights are helpful in shadowboxing. Aside from throwing punches on a heavy bag, you might want to try shadowboxing.

Holding on to these small hand weights while throwing punches into the air will create some resistance and help you improve how you deliver your punches.

Final Thoughts
If you want to try out boxing at home you can start any time you wish to if you intend to switch to a healthy lifestyle. Make the most out of the sport by investing in good-quality boxing equipment to ensure a good start. With regular training and the right equipment, boxing can keep your body moving to stay fit and healthy at all times.