Kermit Cintron In Comeback Mode, Aims At Sergio Martinez



Kermit Cintron In Comeback Mode, Aims At Sergio Martinez

Kermit Cintron last gloved up in February of 2018. The Puerto Rico native, who lives in Pennsylvania, told NYFIGHTS that he’s still got the itch to scrap, and has been training for a spell to make a final run in the fight game.

“I miss the competitiveness and the rush,” said the 43 year old hitter who compiled a 39-6-3 mark after debuting in 2000. “I get it now why athletes come back.”

Kermit Cintron seeks to re enter the fight game. He last fought in 2018

Kermit Cintron misses the rush. He’s looking to fight at 168, then 160

Kermit Cintron is aiming for a ring return in late April or May. “39 wins don’t sit right with me,” said the athlete who held a welterweight crown in 2006. “I’m looking for that 40th win and 50th fight.”

And how and why did the old urges start to bubble up? “I started teaching boxing classes again about 3 months ago,” Kermit Cintron said. “And I realized how much I miss the competition and the rush. So then I started training lol.
I just did an exhibition last Friday. I felt good even though I was just training for a month. My timing is not as off as I expected it to be. Definitely I need to work to getting sharper. With a proper training camp, I can be back on track. Overall, I feel good mentally and physically!”

In a 2022 piece which ran on the RING website, he admitted that as he looked back on his ring exploits, he felt a certain way. “It was never ‘mission accomplished,” he admitted.

And how are the wife and kids seeing this development? “My wife supports me in what I do,” he said. “She’s always been there for me no matter what. My three kids were the ones asking me when I was fighting again and telling me how they believe in me. It’s easy to do something when your family has your back and believe in you. My kids are now 21, 16 and 14. The best part of all this and my career is that at least my two younger ones anyways don’t look or have no clue what it means being a world champion. They just look at me as their dad. They don’t feed off my boxing career. And that I love about all three of them!”

And is Kermit Cintron looking at this as a “one fight at a time” endeavor?

“I want to bang out a couple of fights,” Cintron said. “I definitely would love to fight ranked fighters but I’m going after Sergio Martinez!”

That makes sense—-Martinez is himself on the comeback trail. Sergio is 48 years old and him and Cintron have conducted prior business.

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