How to Bet on Power Slap: Power Slap 4 Odds



How to Bet on Power Slap: Power Slap 4 Odds

Power Slap is back! Today (August 9th), Power Slap returns to us live from Las Vegas, Nevada with Power Slap 4 – the fourth event from the Power Slap League that is owned and operated by UFC President Dana White. Many people have been uncertain and unsure about whether they can bet on the Power Slap League, as well as how to bet on it. Here, we will break down how you can get in on the Power Slap action.

Before we get into the betting side of things; in case you're wondering how to watch the Power Slap League, our guy Erik Sloan has you covered. Check out his article here on how to view Power Slap 4, as well as all future Power Slap events! Additionally, in case you need to get caught up on the origins of the Power Slap League itself, as well as the buzz/controversy surrounding it, you can check out the Power Slap origin story here!

Power Slap 4: How to Bet on Power Slap

Ever since its inaugural event last year, people have been wondering how to get in on the Power Slap action; specifically, how to bet on Power Slap. Well, look no further, because we have you covered.

Essentially, the majority of your normal, run-of-the-mill betting companies and bookies offer betting on the Power Slap League. If you are in the United States, DraftKings are a regular proponent of Power Slap betting, and have been known to offer very good Power Slap odds. They also give you a great outline on how to bet on Power Slap, including the different types of bets you can place. You can bet on the outright outcome of a matchup, as well as different aspects of the matchup, such as the scoring for each round.

The same can be said for other companies such as BetUS, StatHero and BetFred, who similarly offer decent odds on Power Slap matchups as well. if you are outside of the US, be sure to check out your local sportsbook company to make sure they offer odds on Power Slap.

Power Slap Odds: Betting Favourites for Power Slap 4

There are several different betting odds for Power Slap 4, most of which are hovering around the same area. NXTBets, the official betting partner of the Power Slap League, are offering the following odds for the main and co-main event of Power Slap 4 below.

Ayjay Hintz (Main Event): -167 favourite to win

Nate Burnard (Co-Main Event): -150 favourite to win

Power Slap: Road To The Title | Episode 4 Recap | UFC

Ayjay Hintz (right) is the current betting favourite in the main event of Power Slap 4. (Image Credit: UFC)

The biggest betting discrepancy on this Power Slap 4 card is from the middleweight division, where Wesley Drain takes on Amir Nuriddeen. Drain has opened up as a fairly comfortable -233 betting favourite, with his high ranking in the middleweight division being seen as a key factor in these odds. There are also two massive matchups in the heavyweight division, which see No. 2 ranked heavyweight Dorian Perez (odds -150) going up against No. 5 ranked heavyweight James Stonier, whereas top-ranked Duane Crespo is set to face the fourth-ranked Nate Burnard, both with odds of -150. Given their rankings and similar odds, both of these pairings are widely expected to be extremely tight, intense affairs.

So there you have it! Hopefully this article has shown you how to bet on Power Slap. These are also the latest odds for the latest iteration of the Power Slap League, coming to you live on Wednesday, August 9th. The show kicks off from 9pm EST/6pm PST, and is available live and free on the Rumble social media/streaming platform.



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