Former Lineal & Two-Time World Heavyweight Champion Shannon Briggs Partners With The REX NFT Team



Former Lineal & Two-Time World Heavyweight Champion Shannon Briggs Partners With The REX NFT Team

Miami FL, February 24, 2022. A new NFT is launching, and it is no ordinary NFT. REX NFT has created the first Renewable Energy Credit NFT. REX, as in R-E-X, and it stands for Renewable Energy Credit NFTs. Each NFT is unique and is more than just art on the blockchain.  Each REX NFT represents one thousand Kilowatt hours of renewable, clean energy.

When you buy a REX NFT, you are directly funding renewable clean energy to be used in our electric grid, which will help us all leave less of a carbon footprint. REX NFT has partnered with Renewable Energy Credit market makers and suppliers including terrapass and energysage to make this happen. Bitcoin solved the double counting problem for digital money.  REX NFT solves it for the renewable energy industry

“Shannon has a large, worldwide following and is passionate about crypto,” stated Avi Shane Verdugo, founder of REX NFT. “The more we spoke about this project, the more excited he got me, and he can’t wait to get out there to share the passion.’

REX NFT is the first and only ones to tokenize Renewable Energy Credits, disrupting the six-billion-dollar Renewable Energy Credit industry.

REX NFT will launch on the Polygon blockchain and Ethereum blockchain. MATIC tokens will be needed to buy the REX NFTs on either.

Beginning Friday, February 25, at 9:00 am ET, to view and buy a REX NFT, go to and click “Buy REX NFT” in the upper right.

After bought, REX NFTs can be held, and since it is a tradable commodity, it may increase in value as NFTs tend to do. Buyers can take pride in the fact that they helped generate renewable energy to help our environment.

REX NFT has also partnered with an environmental non-profit. Each time one of our REX NFTs is sold, we will plant a tree. Hence, we are helping the earth in many ways. Renewable Entergy Certificates (RECs), have up until now, been one-off contracts issued by green generators and sold to multinationals and fossil generators who want to improve their green credentials.  This is done on a compliance or voluntary basis, but it requires many complex contracts and processes.

With our REX NFT, RECs are being tokenized, and that signals the start of a new era of certification.  In commercial terms, tokenizing is perfect for RECs because it not only simplifies the process but also prevents the current possibility of double counting or even fraud.

Furthermore, it spawns a more vibrant and creative marketplace around RECs.  The kind of environment that could see sophisticated trading and management of green energy, in a secondary market, we might see the ability to connect with smart contracts and improved market depth and transparency. All of this helps the REC market avoid dysfunctions. The biggest value proposition for tokenizing REC is integrity.  Certificates are minted and once sold by the generator, cannot be sold again, or used twice.

JPEG art may have revealed the gimmick side of NFTs, but REX NFTs benefit to the planet is very real.  REX NFTs are opening up a consumer market for RECs and lowering the barriers to entry. 2000 unique NFTs will be issued in the first series and individuals can get involved for as little as $300.

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