Usyk vs Dubois Live Stream: Round by Round



Usyk vs Dubois Live Stream: Round by Round

Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois is now.

Usyk is a master ring general, he's had his way with Anthony Joshua twice, and people are thinking Daniel Dubois is no match for the Ukrainian heavyweight titles holder.

That may be…but we have to see.

Usyk vs Dubois Live Stream: Round by Round Coverage; Does Dubois Stand A Chance?

The scrap, from Wroclaw, Poland, is screening on ESPN+, the live stream can be found there.

If you are unable to watch live, here is your round by round coverage of this title challenge to the 36 year old Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs; ex undisputed cruiserweight champion; holding IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO) by the power-hitting Brit.

Usyk vs dubois live stream: round by round coverage from NYFIGHTS

Usyk vs dubois live stream round by round coverage from NYFIGHTS is here!

Dubois (age 22; 18-1 record; holding WBA lesser strap) comes in off a fight in which his chin was checked and nearly wrecked, courtesy of cruiserweight Kevin Lerena. Maybe that was an aberration, though…

Watchers saw and heard a strong message from Ukrainian president Zelensky, wishing Usyk well in his contest, which he noted will be seen by citizens staying strong in the face of the Russian invasion.

Dubois came to the ring to reggae, then Usyk to rousing fanfare and applause from the mostly Poles in attendance.

Anthems were done, then weights and measures, courtesy Michael Buffer. Then, the swinging started:

ROUND 1 Dubois is less muscled than we've seen. Lefty Usyk bounced, popped the jab, kept the feet moving. He took it to the larger men, though they looked comparable of frame. Dubois more nimble than in last fight. The Usyk jab isn't long or hard, it's quick and annoying. Dubois looks better with less muscle, maybe. USYK

ROUND 2 Don Charles trainer in for Shane McGuigan for Dubois…Usyk stood close, acting like the more powerful man. Usyk came with a sharp straight left, the crowd dug it at 1:45. The peppy jab, then a sweeper left hook try..The straight left again, Dubois would need to remember he's fighting a lefty. Counter right uppercut missed from Dubois late. “Back him up,” Charles commanded. USYK

ROUND 3 Sharp right to body from DD, then a 1-2 from Usyk. 45,000 in the arena btw…Usyk D is on point, no surprise. Tarp over the ring was tested by a hard rain by now. Not a busy fight to this point…DD watching too much. USYK

ROUND 4 Sharper Usyk jab pushed DD back. Usyk moving more, picking up pace a wee bit. DD wasn't getting untracked. Too mesmerized by Usyk….Then, a nice counter right by DD, he hung in the pocket and tracked Usyk. Still mostly Usyk..”Be first,” the DD corner said, indicating their guys' problem. Tim Bradley said DD should attack the body, Usyk is susceptible. USYK

ROUND 5 DD sent Usyk down, it was a low blow. Time was called..Replay angle 2 showed a right hand hit above the cup area. He took plenty of extra time. He rose, the crowd roared..He had his left arm draped on the top rope, he took more time. It was a 5 minute grace period.

Action re-started after 4 plus minutes. That wasn't a cup shot, another replay showed. Interesting….Ref Luis Pabo warned DD to keep it clean, no point was taken. Action again..DD went back to the body, there were 2:30 seconds left in the round. Usyk is susceptible! Usyk combos in last minute took the round? Nope, I gave it to DD. DUBOIS

ROUND 6 DD starts fast. DD sticking and moving, he's now trying to set a pace and tone. DD went to body, Usyk warns him to not go low. Tighter round than earlier ones, DD is feeling more comfortable. Usyk more active, though, lil edge in volume. USYK

ROUND 7 Action slowed. Usyk active, but not terribly aggressive. DD lil lax compared to prior round. Usyk amps up at 1:20. Dubois backing up too much, he needed to revert to round five energy. Combos from Usyk, crowd lifts, he was missing plenty, though, with showy shots. Usyk sometimes throws and knows he'll miss, actually…USYK

ROUND 8 DD right counter, solid, he has better timing/hand speed than given credit for, maybe. DD back to watching too much. He needed to take risks…Usyk is amateur style at times, just wants to score points. Usyk coming forward, judges had to be loving that. Down went DD! A combo dropped him, to a knee, he beat the count at the end of the round. USYK PLUS 1

ROUND 9 Usyk in shark mode some. He's sweeping more hooks. Landing them, too…DD not moving as well now….Down went DD, a right jab sent him down. To a knee, he got up late, it's over! USYK, WINNER BY KO9


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