UFC Fighters To Keep An Eye On In 2022



UFC Fighters To Keep An Eye On In 2022

UFC is amongst the most brutal and respected fighting companies in the world. 2021 has been a productive and successful year for the company and also many of its competitors. A couple of fighters are trying to defy 2; 2021 has been a productive and successful year for the company and many of its competitors.

We have seen new contenders be crowned champions and seen the further deterioration of Conor McGregor’s style and ability in the cage. It has indeed been a spectacular ride for him, but all good things have to come to an end.

With the year coming to a close, the UFC is gearing up for another season of the explosive mixed martial art entertainment the company provides year-round.

Acting up isn't bad for business anymore; ask the top sports books for UFC how much action they take when Conor fights.

Acting up isn't bad for business anymore; ask the top sports books for UFC how much action they take when Conor fights.

New year new fighting champions
There are still a few fights remaining this year, and ones that are definitely worth the watch. Kamaru Usman got the W on Nov. 6 and every time he sets foot in a cage, the fans are guaranteed their entertainment for the night.

Certain fighters are really showing they are forces to be reckoned with in the company. There seems to be no stopping these key fighters from dominating their respective divisions and improving with no sign of plateauing in their abilities.

This will make for a new year filled with some of the most ferocious and top-tier fighting the company has ever seen.

Trying to keep up with the entire roster is time-consuming if you are just now trying to get up to speed. This list will cover the fighters you will definitely need to know about for the next conversation you end up having about the UFC.

Amanda Nunes
Ladies first? Amanda is the Lioness – the female fighter that all fear. She has dominated her division and gone on to become one of the most feared female fighters of all time. She is known for her striking ability to go pound-for-pound, round for round, which intimidates all of her opponents while overwhelming them with the sheer force behind her strikes.

She is considered a real threat, and Dana White stopped her from fighting a two-time champion from the Pro Fighting League, some say, because he feared she had the genuine potential to murder her inside the Cage.

Jiri Prochazka
Easily2 currently in the UFC – if you are not familiar with the name, probably that is because he is fairly new, but do not let his lack of UFC history deter you.

Before his debut at the UFC (where he delivered a knockout in the second round, part of his current 95 percent finishing rate,) he had not lost a bout since early 2015 in the Muay Thai world where he used to dominate. Even in the UFC, he does not plan on his current streak ending.

Before joining the UFC, he was on top of the Rizin Fighting Federation. The Czech fighter (pictured above) exhibits brutally efficient striking and no fear on any stage. He has not lost a fight in the UFC in his first year there, and he has confirmed his new target is Jan Blachowicz. Jan, unfortunately, has another fight set out for this year, so fans may only see them clash in the new year! Whoever the opponent, Jiri is definitely a fighter you need to keep an eye on, as he is focused on getting a title within the company.

Jon Jones
Jonny Bones Jones is finally taking the step we have been eagerly anticipating for the better half of the last decade. Next year Jon Jones will be moving up a weight class, set on doing to the heavyweight division what he has done to the light heavyweight class for the last ten years – absolutely bullying and destroying any opponent he has been faced with.

Jon Jones looks at his foe and pictures battering him.

Jones is not young, and he may live a too-lively life outside the Octagon, but we think he’ll kick ass at heavyweight, too.

The unbeatable Jones is seen as one of the UFC’s greatest of all times, but like Conor is definitely getting older and may not be capable of the same level of fighting for very much longer.

One thing is for sure; Jones has given the world no indication that he will be slowing down – even at age 34. His striking has already been classified as a deadly tool. With the added weight, he will be able to deliver even more power as long as he focuses on maintaining his current level of agility, speed, and mobility in the cage. Presumably, the fighter knows his weight will make him slower and will do whatever training and strategic planning are necessary to maintain his position in the company.

Dustin Poirier

Finally, the diamond has come out of the coal of UFC 178. The Irishman with an attitude, Conor McGregor, and Poirier sparked a rivalry that shook the company and has been entertaining fans ever since. Poirier definitely hit the drawing board after losing and hitting the canvas at UFC 178, completely erasing that hot-headed and easily coaxed Poirier, replacing him with the cool, calm, and collected athlete who focuses on precision striking power rather than letting his emotions get the best of him. This has been working out surprisingly well with back-to-back wins against McGregor.

In the last fight, his leg kick checks could even break McGregor’s tibia, a gruesome yet entertaining clip on YouTube. After the injury, you can hear Conor being Conor and trash-talking a calm Poirier, even while lying on a stretcher being wheeled out.

It is safe to say that just like Dustin fought Conor in his prime, the same is true for Conor fighting Dustin in current times. Dustin is definitely reaching new heights in his career that he has not been capable of before and does not seem to cease with the consistent pressure he is putting on his division’s roster.

Promising year ahead
It is really an exciting time to be a fan, new or old, of the UFC. Next year is promising the fans top-quality fighting and entertainment, and with a lot of new storylines beginning, it will be interesting to see where the company will be this time next year. The most powerful people in the sport seem to be revealing themselves recently, and this only means that stronger opponents will have to take their spots in the new year, ensuring the fans a marvelous year of UFC!