UFC Fight Night 239 Payouts: Tuivasa and Tybura Tally Cash



UFC Fight Night 239 Payouts: Tuivasa and Tybura Tally Cash

Two of the UFC's most well-known heavyweights are facing off at UFC Fight Night 239 this weekend, with each guy earning UFC payouts that makes it clear they're being well compensated for headlining events. 

Given that both Tuivasa and Tybura have the type of knockout power that never fails to get fans excited, it's understandable why their UFC Fight Night 239 payouts are among the best that a UFC heavyweight can expect to earn. 

We'll be looking at the UFC prize money for both Tai Tuivasa and Marcin Tybura, and disclosing what they can each expect to make in UFC fighter pay for throwing hands at one another this weekend.

UFC Fighter Pay: What Will Tuivasa and Tybura Be Paid at UFC Fight Night 239?

Tai Tuivasa UFC Payout

Despite being on a three fight losing streak, Tai Tuivasa remains one of UFC's biggest fan favorites — especially within the heavyweight division

Tuivasa's combination of striking power and post-fight celebrations makes him must watch TV, and is therefore a valuable asset for the UFC. 

It is believed that Tuivasa earned over $250,000 in UFC prize money for his victory over Derrick Lewis back in February 2022. Of course, that was over two years ago. And despite the recent string of losses, Tai Tuivasa's profile has heightened considerably since then. 

For that reason, we think that Tuivasa's UFC Fight Night 239 payout has increased as well. 

We expect Tai Tuivasa to earn a minimum of $300,000 in UFC fighter pay for his fight against Marcin Tybura this weekend. 

Mind you, that is only his base rate. If Tuivasa manages to win — especially if he does so via KO — he will likely be earning a good deal more than that. 

Marcin Tybura UFC Payout

While he doesn't have quite the same star power as his opponent this weekend, Marcin Tybura has proven time and time again that he's one of the world's best heavyweight MMA fighters. 

The last time we saw Tybura in the octagon was when he faced Tom Aspinall at UFC Fight Night 224 in July 2023 — a fight that did not go in Tybura's favor. 

That being said, Aspinall is now an interim champion, and losing to him is nothing to hang one's head about. 

It has been reported that Tybura earned $275,000 in UFC prize money for that bout. Considering that Tybura suffered a defeat, there's no reason that he would be earning less than that amount this weekend. 

Therefore, we believe that Marcin Tybura will be earning $275,000 in UFC fighter pay for fighting Tai Tuivasa at UFC Fight Night 239.

UFC Fighter Pay: No Fans, No Problem

While one might believe that UFC payouts would differ when fights take place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas — considering there are nearly no fans are in attendance — that isn't actually the case. 

The UFC is obligated to pay their fighters whatever their contracts states, regardless of the venue they're fighting at. 

So although it's a shame that very few fans will get to witness Tuivasa do his iconic “Shoey” celebration if he manages to knock out Tybura on Saturday, that won't affect Tuivasa's pay!

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