Top 3 UFC Athletes and Celebrities Who Adore Gambling



Top 3 UFC Athletes and Celebrities Who Adore Gambling

Many UTF fighters and celebrities love gambling. Why are athletes taken over by casino games? What makes them become devoted gambling fans? These are some of the questions that people may have. And in this post, we are going to answer them and share the names of boxers and UFC people who are always up for making a bet at a casino.

Why Boxers Love Gambling
The thing is that boxers often experience stressful situations in sports and want to recoup in another area. Besides that, athletes are distinguished by a high level of energy, a passion for competition, and a thirst for victory. In their professional activities, boxers are ready for constant rivalry and adrenaline, so they look for it outside of work and go to a $1 deposit casino to make bets online. And here are some of the boxers who just adore gambling.

#1 – Floyd Mayweather
The famous American boxer Floyd Mayweather can be called one of the most reckless athletes. One time, his stake was $10,000,000 on a football match. But this is not the only example of how crazy about gambling the fighter is. The boxer is a regular visitor to casino halls and considers gambling as a hobby.

#2 – Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao is the only boxer who managed to become world champion in eight weight categories.

Manny Pacquiao flexes during training.

Does Manny Pacquiao adore gambling? Not sure–but he has in the past, for sure.

He achieved great heights in boxing, became a successful politician in the Philippines, but this doesn’t restrict him from gambling. Or maybe that's in the past? The boxer's younger brother, Bobby, once told about the boxer's frequent trips to the casinos of Southern California, where he would leave 100 thousand dollars at the poker table.

#3 – Dana White
Gambling is the UFC boss's main passion.

Most everyone knows Dana White as an excellent manager. It was he who helped turn the UFC from a bankrupt company into a successful project. Apart from the work the work-a-holic White does, he loves gambling and spends many a night at a casino. Dana calls it passion, and the amounts White plays for are astounding.

White's love is blackjack. He plays several times a week and wins a lot. During the day, White is engaged in the UFC, and in the evening, he goes to a “part-time job.”

Dana White runs the UFC day to day.

Dana White loves his 9 to 5. But yes, he also does adore gambling.

This is what Dana calls the raids in the casinos where he plays blackjack. White plays 3-4 times a week and sits down at the table with a pack of $50,000. White's total fortune is estimated at $500 million, by the way.

White is not a millionaire who wastes money for the thrill. He is quite a successful gambler, and many Las Vegas casinos blacklisted him because of his big winnings. It began in 2001 when White first visited the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. On one of the campaigns, he won $2 million, for which the casino cut his credit limit in half and cut the maximum bet to $5,000.

White played all his life, even when he was poor. In his youth, Dana did not go to casinos but bet on sports – first on American football and later on boxing. White has always been a fan of gambling. During tournaments in Las Vegas, fighters knew they could find the boss at the gambling table.