Sampson Lewkowicz Spit Incident Update



Sampson Lewkowicz Spit Incident Update

Sampson Lewkowicz, the boxing lifer known for helping bring Manny Pacquiao to the masses, helming Sergio Martinez and promoting rising star David Benavidez, is awaiting word from authorities after lodging a complaint following an altercation last week in Florida.

A video of a scrum at the WBA convention, in Orlando, made the rounds on Dec 13. As best as one could tell from the video, it seemed like Sampson Lewkowicz beefed with glove maker/manager Elvis Grant Phillips over some matter or another.

One thing led to another, Lewkowicz alleges, and the adult son of Phillips spat in his face.

“This for my father,” Sampson Lewkowicz recalls hearing as Elliot, age 32, spat at him.

Yes, seems like there’s water under the bridge and that helps perhaps explain why this kerfuffle blew up.

Lewkowicz says him and Elvis Grant were tight, seemingly partners, but fell out. He said he gave lots of time and insights to EGP regarding his glove biz, and was then downgraded, so he parted ways with EGP.

They don’t really mix these days, he told me, but the advisor with a golden eye for talent made an exception at the convention.

He pointed out that it might be a wiser course for 154 pounder Michael Zerafa to pursue an interim title, say, instead of angling to make a scrap against his “mandatory.” That idea was apparently met with contempt.

Sampson Lewkowicz runs Sampson Boxing

The deal maker and talent assessor extraordinaire is moving forward with his case, accusing the son of the glove baron with battery

Sampson Lewkowicz Recalls The Spit Shot

“I was walking with my wife, and (the son) came up behind me and said, ‘This is for my father,’ and he spat in my face,” Lewkowicz told NYF.

Sampson then gave chase, with his wife following, to catch up to the alleged spitter, who he deemed small but quick. “I washed my face for two days after,” he said, repeating his dismay at the public dustup.

Plus, his wife’s nerves kicked up hard with all the fuss, and she’s getting treatment for the trauma.

“I’m not letting it go,” Sampson Lewkowicz shared. “My reputation…”

He’s leveled a charge at the Phillips kid, and said he’s expecting a court date within a month or so, which will indicate how Orlando cops will proceed.

It hurts, he says, because he goes way back with the family. He even drove Elliot to school, in NYC, because that was the level of acquaintance between him and E. Grant and company.

Lewkowicz had his PR put out a release which absolves fighter Michael Zerafa of involvement in the matter.

Zerafa is the No 1 contender in the WBA, where Erislandy Lara holds a crown. A Lara vs Danny Garcia battle has been the plan, but Zerafa wants the crack at Lara.

No, Sampson Lewkowicz isn’t with Lara, he told NYF.

And no, he re iterated to NYF, he’s not keen to move on from the matter, he wants justice to be served.

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