Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul Results: Reigns Retains The Title At Crown Jewel



Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul Results: Reigns Retains The Title At Crown Jewel

Even with the help of his brother Jake Paul, Logan Paul came up short against Roman Reigns earlier today at “Crown Jewel”.

WWE undisputed champion Roman Reigns defeated Logan Paul on Saturday, which was live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As it always is, the WWE’s Crown Jewel was a massive international event streamed live on Peacock here in the U.S earlier this afternoon.

The main event featured the undisputed champion Roman Reigns defending his title against YouTube star turned wrestler Logan Paul, who is also the brother of Jake Paul (Jake was there to support his brother at this huge event).

Roman Reigns started the match by laughing at Logan Paul while taking the time to engage with him. They finally tie up, and Reigns establishes dominance while using his 265-pound frame to push Paul into the corner. Paul uses some of his amateur wrestling background to get the best of Reigns. Then Paul goes for the homerun right hand, and Reigns slides out of the ring for a breather.

The “Tribal Chief” Reigns starts punishing Paul but still takes his time. After an attempt by Reigns for a belly-to-belly Supplex was reversed by Paul, the momentum shifted back to Paul, which shocked Reigns. After performing a front flip from the apron and nailing a close line on Reigns, Paul went for the cover, but Reigns kicked out.

Paul continued to show his freakish athleticism while Reigns continued to display why he is the WWE’s top performer. All credit to Paul as he was hanging in there and going move for move with Reigns as the match continued to develop. Reigns, at one point, had Paul in a chin lock in which he looked into the camera and said he would “put an end to all of this,” but Paul broke out of the move and was able to gain back the momentum of the match.

After hitting Reigns with his version of the Superman punch, Paul hit the cross body from the top rope with a standing back flip but Reigns popped out of the cover. At this point, both men looked spent, and everyone in the stadium was trying to figure out how this would end. Paul hit Reigns with his “right hand” and then a Superman punch, but Reigns was able to kick out of the pin. After following out of the ring, Paul cleared out the announce table and laid Reigns there in an attempt to land a frog splash. He executed it and did it all the while holding a phone and recording it. The place went absolutely crazy.

The Usos came in to interfere and proceeded to beat up Paul’s friends until Jake Paul made a surprise appearance to help his brother out. After Jake Paul beat up the Usos, Logan executed a frog splash on Reigns, but he kicked out of the pin once again. Solo Sikoa came to help Reigns, but Jake was there to stop him. After sliding back into the ring, Reigns hits the Superman punch and the spear, which knocks Paul out. Reigns covers Paul and gets the victory.

This was an interesting match that saw both Paul brothers involved and the questions coming out of this event would be if this is the start of a new venture for Jake Paul. The fans enjoyed it, and there were plenty of fireworks after the show.

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