Power Slap 5 Fight Card: Four Titles on the Line



Power Slap 5 Fight Card: Four Titles on the Line

Power Slap 5 is tonight and there are some super exciting bouts to look forward to. The Power Slap 5 fight card consists of four different title fights, a lot of heavy hitters and some good reasons to clear the Wednesday night schedule for anything other than this event. With twelve bouts on this card, we're expecting a good amount of highlight reel moments.

The main and co-main events consist of four undefeated athletes who are putting their perfect records and chins on the line for a shot at glory. There can only be one winner and one champion as a result of these matches — the athletes are acutely aware of this and they confidence that these Power Slap roster members exude is worth admiring. Let's take a look at the card!

Power Slap 5 Fight Card: The Entire CardPower Slap 5 Fight Card

What an event we've got going on tonight! Live, free and exclusively streamed on, the Power Slap 5 fight card is the best that the promotion has out out yet. Four titles, a lot of undefeated talent, and matchmaking that has us all more than ready to hit the fast-forward button on the day and hit fight time already — the action cannot come soon enough.

Let's take a deeper look into the this card and examine these athletes as we draw near the start time for this event. We'll start with the main event, Da Crazy Hawaiian vs Kalani Vakameilalo.

Power Slap 5 fight card Main Event Da Crazy Hawaiian vs Kalani Vakameilalo

2-0 meets 1-0 as Da Crazy Hawaiian meets Vakameilalo for the super heavyweight title! Both of these guys have yet to lose and both have secured a knockout win in the promotion. What we can tell you from watching tape is that this match, despite being a super heavyweight bout, may go to decision.

As well as either guy can hit, they can take a hit. That's pretty much the only two desired attributes when competing in this sport, so they're both ideal athletes for Power Slap; at least so far. We'll find out more on that tonight! The odds here are favoring Da Crazy Hawaiian.

And, yeah, both athletes here are Hawaiian, and a bit crazy, bot the moniker goes to Koa Viernes — though it seems to be on the line with this match, depending on how things play out. If you've watched much MMA, you know that Hawaiian athletes are blessed with some great chins — just look at Max ‘Blessed' Holloway! He's probably got the best chin in MMA history.

Power Slap 5 fight card Co-main Event: Damien Dibbell vs. Nate Burnard

Someone's 0 has got to go! Both Dibbell and Burnard are 2-0 with a knockout a piece. This bout will determine who walks away with the heavyweight title. Expect a war here bewtween these two guys! Dibbell is a slight betting favorite here, but really, either of these guys feel like a likely bet to grab the win here.

A slight gut feeling is looming overhead with this bout that there will be a finish. We're not claiming to be the best at predicting Power Slap events, but a gut feeling is a gut feeling.

Power Slap 5 fight card: Ron Bata vs. Austin Turpin

Austin Turpin is one of the most enigmatic characters in Power Slap at the moment. This guy is brash, he's powerful, he's entertaining; hey, he might as well be the second coming of Conor McGregor!


He is very entertaining though! He's 4-0 with 3 knockouts and he's favored to win this light heavyweight title match. He does have a tough task ahead of him, that being Ron Bata. Bata is 2-1 with a lone knockout win on his record. This bout is one that will have the fans' palms sweating with anticipation.

Power Slap 5 fight card: John Davis vs. Azael Rodriguez

Prolific finishers will meet in the middle and slap one another until a will breaks or a chin cracks. John Davis is the middleweight champion and he's had quite the journey so far. From winning with matches one strike to having to work his way back from an injury, Davis has shown that triumph is synonymous with his name.

Azael took his first loss to Davis at Power Slap 1. We all love a comeback story, right? This is Rodriguez's time to right the wrong of his career and get even with Davis. Not only does a win here for Rodriguez spice up the division, but it also opens the door to a rubber match that would be one of the biggest matches in Power Slap history.

Erik is a long-time MMA fan and writer. Ever since catching some Chael Sonnen trash talk on a commercial, he's been hooked on the sport. Erik spent a lot of time writing while attending college at Wichita State University. Now, he spends his time covering the sport of MMA, training in BJJ here and there, and occasionally hitting skateparks!