Pacheco vs McCalman Purse: Does Pacheco Deserve More?



Pacheco vs McCalman Purse: Does Pacheco Deserve More?

The Fontainebleau arena in Las Vegas, Nevada will be hosting two undefeated fighters as part of its co-main event — and our expected Pacheco vs McCalman purse proves that these two warriors have never earned boxing prize money quite like this before. 

Although he just turned 23 years old, Diego Pacheco is on a rapid ascent to the top of boxing's super middleweight division, and is now earning payouts that match his prospect status. 

Shawn McCalman has also impressed across his professional career, and is finally starting to get the recognition — and Hitchins vs Lemos prize money — that he deserves. 

We'll be looking at all of the potential Pacheco vs McCalman payouts, trying to forecast how much these undefeated fighters will receive for their services this weekend. 

Boxing Fighter Pay: How Much Will Pacheco vs McCalman Make This Weekend? 

Diego Pacheco Purse

Ever since signing with Matchroom Boxing in 2018, budding superstar Diego Pacheco has seemed destined for top-tier boxing payouts — and his Pacheco vs McCalman prize money is just the start of that. 

It has been reported that Pacheco earned a guaranteed minimum of $62,500 for his fight against Marcelo Coceres in November 2023. 

That doesn't seem like a lot of prize money, for a fighter of Pacheco's stature.

Then again, while he was a champion before that bout, Pacheco's knockout performance that night made him a superstar.

Which is why it's safe to assume that he will be making a considerable amount more in Pacheco vs McCalman payouts that he did just a few months ago. 

For that reason, we believe that Diego Pacheco will be earning a minimum of $150,000 for fighting Shawn McCalman this weekend.  

Although this is an estimate on our end, we are confident that this is approximately the amount of money Pacheco will leave Las Vegas with this weekend.

Shawn McCalman Purse

While Shawn McCalman has amassed an undefeated professional record thus far in his career, he still  isn't considered a big name in boxing. 

Yet, inclusion on this Matchroom Boxing event gives McCalman a chance to make what is likely the biggest boxing purse of his career to this point. 

Given that McCalman hasn't fought on cards of this magnitude before, it is difficult to estimate just how much he will be making for performing this weekend. 

Yet, given our estimates regarding the pay that Pacheco will likely make, we can come up with a reasonable prediction for the contender's Pacheco vs McCalman purse.

We believe that Shawn McCalman will make around $100,000 for fighting against Diego Pacheco this weekend.  

Because McCalman isn't a champion, nor has the same name value compared to his opponent, there's no way he will be making the same amount of money as Pacheco.

Then again, this will most likely be the first six-figure payout that McCalman has received in his entire boxing career. So he probably isn't too worried about Pacheco will be making.

What's for sure is that the winner of this Pacheco vs McCalman bout will continue their ascent into superstardom — which will help them make even more prize money in the future. 

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.