Navarrete vs Berinchyk Purse: Lightweights Robbing The Bank



Navarrete vs Berinchyk Purse: Lightweights Robbing The Bank

While much of the boxing world will be focused on the heavyweight showdown in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this weekend, San Diego will be hosting two elite lightweight fighters — and our Navarrete vs Berinchyk purse will prove that this event is worth watching. 

All boxing fighter pay is well deserved, considering what the sport entails. But the Navarrete vs Berinchyk for this weekend is especially so, since these boxers only have one combined loss between both of them in nearly 60 professional fights. 

Although that loss total will be doubling by the end of this weekend. 

Navarrete vs Berinchyk Purse: How Much Is This Lightweight Fight Worth?

Emanuel Navarrete Payout

Despite owning the WBO world lightweight title, Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete is still an unsung hero within the lightweight division. And while he fought to a draw in his most recent fight against Robson Conceição in November 2023, there's still a lot of hype around Navarrete. 

And a lot of hype typically means a lot of boxing fighter pay. 

Luckily, there is a good deal of reported information about what Emanuel Navarrete has earned in various fights across his fighting career. Perhaps the most reported is what he made for his war against Oscar Valdez in August 2023. 

It has been reported that Navarrete earned a whopping $2.1 million in boxing fighter pay for that bout against Valdez. 

Using this, we should be able to predict his Navarrete vs Berinchyk with relative accuracy. 

While Navarrete won that bout, he did fight to a draw in his most recent fight. But because a draw means that he didn't lose his belt, he'll likely still be receiving pay that's similar to what he earned against Valdez. 

And considering that Navarrete is the biggest star (and the biggest draw) of this San Diego event, he can expect to be paid as such. 

For that reason, we believe that Emanuel Navarrete will earn $2.3 million for his Navarrete vs Berinchyk payout.

Denys Berinchyk Payout

Denys Berinchyk is an undefeated fighter who is entering the biggest fight of his life this weekend. 

With all of the exciting talent that's in boxing's lightweight division, Berinchyk stands to make a lot of boxing fighter pay if he can defeat Navarrete this weekend and claim the WBO world title belt. 

There isn't much information about what Berinchyk has earned in his past fights, which makes it tough to predict his Navarrete vs Berinchyk purse. 

Although, given what we already know about what Navarrete (and his past opponents) have made, we can make an estimate that should be pretty accurate. 

In that aforementioned Navarrete vs Valdez fight, Valdez earned $1.2 million for fighting against the champ. 

Therefore, we can expect Berinchyk to earn a similar amount for his Navarrete vs Berinchyk payout this weekend. 

We are predicting that Denys Berinchyk will be earning $1.3 million this weekend, for his Navarrete vs Berinchyk prize money.

Many eyes will be on Fury vs Usyk on Saturday. But that won't stop Navarrete and Berinchyk from breaking the bank.

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