Mikey Garcia’s Workout Routine



Mikey Garcia’s Workout Routine

Mikey Garcia's Workout Routine

The 32-year old American Boxer Mikey Garcia is considered by one of the top ten professional boxers. Reaching boxing stardom was not easy coming from a family where both of his parents were strawberry pickers.

However, Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez (his full name) is today a role model for many young athletes across the States and the world. Here’s is Mikey’s workout routine that brought his 30 KO victories over a pro career spanning more than a decade.

Workouts open to the public

You would think that world-class athletes would all be secretive about their training routines; we know  football clubs often ban journalists from being present during pre-match practices. This is not the case with the Californian boxer Mikey Garcia. He often does demos so young boxers can come and watch him punching a heavy bag.

The timing

People who like to watch boxing know that timing is everything. That is why Garcia practices almost every day for two to three hours. As a big fight approaches he increases the number of sessions. In fact, the days ahead of previous fights all look similar. He starts the day by jogging early in the morning and then goes to the gym in the late afternoon for his daily session. 

The diet

When it comes to diet, Garcia’s routine is as orthodox as his boxing stance. He opens the day with a protein shake flavored with fruit coupled with a protein bar. During the workout, he takes in fluids like water when necessary but decreases food and liquid intake before a fight to make weight.

After the workout, he prefers to eat a nice bowl of oatmeal rich in carbs and fiber. As far as dinner is concerned, it’s a healthy meal comprised of chicken or fish, as they are a great source of protein. In his interviews, Garcia never fails to advise young boxers to stay away from junk food like pizza and other fast food that has high sodium content.

The perfect gym

Garcia’s humble beginnings mean that he isn’t particularly picky about gyms as long as they have all the equipment required for a world-class athlete to train in. However, his managers insist that he trains at only the best gyms using the very best equipment, about which you can find more here and learn which types of machine Garcia uses. 

Focusing on explosiveness

Although a typical boxer’s training session throws a bit of everything at the athlete, Garcia’s main trait is explosiveness,  so he works on it extensively. A 30-meter dash is part of his daily exercise routine, coupled with rope jumping. As far as other, less conventional training methods are concerned, Garcia does plate jump, frog squat jump, ravers, and concentric box jump.

Zero drug policy

In December of 2019, the World Anti-Doping Agency’s unanimously decided to ban Russian athletes from competing in the 2020 Olympics because of a cheating scheme that involved the use of illegal substances. Such high-profile cases are not the standard when it comes to professional sports and Mikey Garcia is a living example of this.

His coach, Victor Conte, is against any use of drugs and steroids and support strict pre-match drug testing. During this phase of his career, Conte has been more focused on sophisticated technology and diet supplements instead of finding innovative ways to cheat. He never misses an opportunity to stress the importance of drug testing in boxing.

In a world where cheating has nearly become the new norm, Mikey Garcia is a great example of an athlete that fought his way to the top honestly. His next big fight is scheduled for  February 29th this year in Frisco, Texas, so be sure to tune in and see if his workout routine presented here pays off once more.