Is MARIJUANA Really The Secret To Longevity For Bob Arum?



Is MARIJUANA Really The Secret To Longevity For Bob Arum?

OK, here is the real lowdown on boxing promoter Bob Arum, and marijuana.

The Bobfather talked to Brian Campbell of CBS on Brian’s pod, “In This Corner.”

The Hall of Fame promoter was asked about the secret to his longevity; he turns 86 on December 8, and is right now working as hard as any promoter in the sphere to grow his business, which he’s succeeding in doing with his new ESPN partnership.

“As for longevity,” Arum told me Monday, before we delved deeper into his Saturday card at the Madison Square Garden Theater, topped by gold medalists Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux. “I was being facetious… what accounts for that, who knows, a lot is genetic, some of it is not abusing your body. As far as marijuana or cannabis.. see products on the market that have nothing to do with being high… patches on legs to fight inflammation and such. It’s now legal in Nevada and you’re see people who don't like to be high or use alcohol as customers. It was only the assholes in the Nixon administration, and earlier even, who demonized cannabis. It had been used since the 1800s to treat various illnessness. When did I start? I was in my 30s, it was the 60s and I realized occasionally if you recreationally use it, it’s not a bad thing. You maybe cut down on your use of alcohol and in my case can easier get to sleep with no sleeping pills.”

So there ya go; Arum isn’t pitching pot as the miracle gateway to ultra-longevity. Yeah, he’s a promoter, but no, there are bounds to his occasional entries into the realm of hyperbolia.

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