Liam Smith vs. Chris Eubank Jr 2 Round by Round



Liam Smith vs. Chris Eubank Jr 2 Round by Round

Chris Eubank Jr 2 vs Liam Smith live round by round coverage is here for those unable to be present or watch a live stream.

Liam Smith (33-3-1, 20 KOs) seeks to repeat and Chris Eubank Jr. (32-3, 23 KOs) looks to learn from past mistakes in their main event which unfolds on a Boxxer card in Manchester, England Saturday evening.

Smith, age 35, is portrayed as the favorite in reputable betting parlors.

Smith is the favorite, at -165, at BetRivers, with the 33 year Eubank offered at +152 at FanDuel.

NOW! Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 round by round

Many folks reading the Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 round by round piece come in pondering a wager have been looking at Eubank and wondering how his head is.

He got dropped twice in the fourth and the ref didn’t let him try for three. He was looking ok before that, his mobility, hand speed and fluidity looked like a winning combo.

Can Eubank stay composed, relaxed, and not overly worry if his chin is going to cooperate?

Hey, sometimes guys get “chinny” overnight—did Smith’s fourth round attack permanently re-wire Eubanks’ chin?

Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 odds

Image Credit: Boxxer

Will the presence of Brian McIntyre provide a boost to the Brit, being that Bomac is associated with the top pugilist on the planet, pound for pound?

All this pings in the head as we count down to Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 round by round.

All that was in my mind as I counted down to the scrap.

It screened for me on ESPN+, while Gayle Falkenthal handled the whole-card recap.

Here we go, here’s how the Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank Jr 2 Round by Round went:

ROUND 1 Smith left to body, once, twice, nice. Chris pretty cautious, jabs and moves. Eubank tying up lots to start.

Ref told them to not get chippier.

Weird pace and start. SMITH

ROUND 2 Smith tries his right. Bomac yelled “rhythm” again and again. More volume and Eubank warming up, getting indeed into a rythm.

More holding later in round. Liam plodding a bit, he isn’t a fast starter. Kind of tepid from both to this point. CHRIS EUBANK JR


Chris Eubank Jr starts with flurry. Stick, move, hold, pump jab to set pace, Chris Eubank Jr looking ok.

Smith wants to land a smart counter, Eubank staying smart, not getting reckless. A long Smith right just missed at 1:05. Eubank from under landed. More active was Eubank. EUBANK

ROUND 4 Eubank drops Smith to start the round. Extra time as ref wants mouthpiece back in. Chris looks smooth, pumps jab, not over eager.

Smith looks fine, reflexes ok.

Smith hesitant to throw, looks like. EUBANK, EXTRA POINT

Smith vs Chris Eubank jr 2 is Sept 2, 2023

ROUND 5 Eubank starts fast again. Smith getting backed up. He evaded, didn’t barely answer. But he was slipping well. Maybe Smith hopes Chris Eubank Jr gets gassed.

Smith has some luck, maybe a second wind? More jabs from Eubank as he looks to find a comfortable gear. EUBANK

ROUND 6 Will Smith click into a mode? He’s moving forward, but hands are staying stuck too much.

Eubank more confident as ring general. Smart and cautious round for Eubank first two minutes.

Smith seems like the older fighter, the fresher man looks in control. CHRIS EUBANK JR

ROUND 7 Smith maybe hurt his right earlier? And he’s flexing his right ankle.. Smith has high guard, vet smart with trying not to get hurt.. but his offense is not on point.

Not a fun fight, action wise, crowd is quiet. EUBANK

ROUND 8 More of the same, Chris Eubank Jr controlling. Eubank managing the distance between the two very well, again.

Repetitive fight. EUBANK

ROUND 9 Same stuff.

Smith wanted to be busier, it wasn’t in him. EUBANK

ROUND 10 Would Eubank press or stay safe and get that sort of W? Blood on Smith, he eats on the ropes, is down. Rises… 1:42 left.

Smith tries to hold, is whacked on the ropes, the ref hops in. EUBANK WINNER TKO10


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