KSI vs Tommy Fury Fight Results: Fury Gets The Decision



KSI vs Tommy Fury Fight Results: Fury Gets The Decision

KSI Vs Tommy Fury is over with. Young Tommy got the win over KSI, in a contested scrap, and Dillon Danis took an L at the hands of Logan Paul at AO Arena in Manchester, England on Saturday, atop #ThePrimeCard, promoted by Misfits Boxing.

With a main fight card that consisted of seven fights, including a “tag team boxing match,” the runtime for the card ended up being nearly 6 hours when factoring in the four fights on the prelims.

The main event pitted YouTube sensation KSI in a 6-round fight against Tommy Fury, the half-brother of boxing’s heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

The match was fought at a 183lb catchweight.

KSI vs Tommy Fury Round By Round

KSI and Fury started the fight in close range, infighting for the most part.

But then KSI managed to land a straight right from long-range that had the crowd audible, a punch in his arsenal that he used plenty throughout the bout.

The first round was interesting because it allowed a glimpse at a potential fight script that had KSI winning and in an exciting fashion.

Yet, you could still see the edge Fury had in ability despite his moments not drawing as much crowd reaction.

Fury landed in the back of the head in the first round, an illegal shot for which he was issued a warning.

KSI was given a chance to recover on the referee’s timeout, but he only took a minute out of the five allotted before action resumed.

Drama was in the air

Then, with less than a minute into the 2nd round of KSI vs Tommy Fury, Fury landed another blatant shot to the back of the head. This time, the referee took a point, which is huge in a six rounder.

It would have been beneficial for KSI to push the fight and attempt to completely shift momentum, but the fight fell into the trappings of a sloppy inside fight.

KSI was very jumpy in the ring, and it was difficult to discern just how comfortable he was in there despite landing some solid shots early on, especially with the long right hand.

Fury’s gameplan was clear, he wanted to close the distance and maul KSI by utilizing his size and strength. It was a duck-and-hold strategy.

Through the halfway mark of KSI vs Tommy Fury, both fighters were noticeably tired, though KSI was still up on the balls of his feet, you could see the fatigue on his face.

Stats for the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight, Oct 14, 2023


Neither fighter was willing to fall into his opponents gameplan, and that made it difficult to establish momentum.

In fact, neither fighter seemed keen on taking risks, and Fury appeared unable or unwilling to stop landing rabbit punches to the back of the head.

Heading into the last couple rounds, Fury’s corner was clearly aware of how impactful that point deduction could be, but he was far too willing to allow KSI to crash the inside to “lay and stay.”

KSI Vs Tommy Fury resulted in decision win for Fury

No, KSI didn’t agree with the cards

Heading into the final round of KSI vs Tommy Fury and off the back of a 5th round in which KSI made strides, there was little urgency from either man.

KSI remained sitting back and striking from long range as Tommy seemed like he couldn’t wait to grapple on the inside and pepper his opponents with little shots on the inside.

KSI landed a big right hand in the closing moments, but Fury walked through it—like he did much of the offense that came his way.

With all of the certainty from both fighters coming out of fight week festivities, nobody was certain of anything from the judges following the final bell.

Michael Buffer announced the judges’ scorecards: 57-57, and 57-56 twice, giving Tommy Fury the majority decision victory.

The commentary team, the crowd, and KSI’s Prime partner Logan Paul, were visibly and audibly confused, but it is difficult to argue that either fighter went out and took the fight.

This guy was pleased

Fury only landed 12 jabs through 6 rounds and 39 total punches landed to KSI’s 38 in KSI vs Tommy Fury.

Still, even with a point-deduction Fury managed to get the nod.

When asked by commentator and ringside reporter Ariel Helwani whether he considered the win over KSI a victory considering it went the distance, Fury responded by admitting that he couldn’t use his hand for 6 weeks.

Fury also used his post-fight interview to announce that he is done “with the bulls***,” referring to fighting YouTubers and announced he plans on moving back to “traditional pro boxing.”

The announcement by Fury after KSI vs Tommy Fury was not a surprise as he said as much in the lead up, but it definitely clashes with KSI’s hopes for a rematch, something he expressed in his post-fight interview.

“It’s a robbery,” KSI yelled into Helwani’s mic at Fury. “You didn’t land and got a point taken as well. You weren’t landing. I won rounds 1-3 and a point off, how do I lose a 6 rounder? Unreal.”

Looking at the fight through a vacuum, the fight was anything but clear. Still, KSI said that he will “appeal.”