KSI vs. Swarmz Fight Results: KSI Goes 2 for 2 On DAZN PPV



KSI vs. Swarmz Fight Results: KSI Goes 2 for 2 On DAZN PPV

KSI didn't disappoint as he was victorious in both boxing contests at the sold-out O2 Arena in London Saturday night. The broadcast noted that some fighters had varying training and boxing understanding levels. This was apparent once the bell rang on these bouts aired live on DAZN PPV to anyone with an eye. It is worth noting on this X Series that they announced a Vitor Belfort vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. contest on October 15 in Sheffield. I don't think we'll have to worry about weights in that bout and another fight on what looks to turn into International Boxing Day.

KSI opened the card and made it look easy against the novice, Swarmz. The former footballer used his footwork to make it through the first round, which saw that he still had elite cardio but little else to challenge KSI. A straight right from KSI that sent Swarmz on his hind quarters sent him down for the third time in the fight, and that was more than enough to keep him there, giving KSI the stoppage win to open the show. He'll be back later.

Next up following was easy work for Deen the Great, scoring three knockdowns to a first-round stoppage over Evil Hero. After the win, Deen attempted a Teofimo Lopez-style backflip, in which he stuck the landing with his face. That was the only misfire Deen made in the contest after it was all said and done.

Sam Hyde needed every bit of his size, reach advantage to out muscle, and outlast Jason “Iamthmpsn” Thompson to a third-round stoppage. Around this time, the referee work got a lot more alert to prevent these fighters from any unnecessary damage. It wasn't the strongest punch from Hyde that ended this fight but more exhaustion. Thompson was seen with hands on his hips, gasping for air, similar to the last time I ran after an ice cream truck. Mickey Mouse bars make you do things you don't want to do.

Southpaw Salt Papi only needed 37 seconds to get rid of Adam Warski. As this went to publish, his knockout was getting yanked down from the DAZN copyright department (as they tend to do) from accounts posting it. Still, it's worth noting that Papi ran the ropes in celebration like a wrestler but didn't give any leg drops or people's elbows. Maybe next time.

The first four-rounder on this bill was also a solid boxing contest with feints and head movement, something missing until King Kenny and Faze Sensei stepped in. King Kenny was dropped in the 1st round but kept battling back to force this one to go the distance in a spirited chess match. A 38-38 card was overruled by 39-37, 39-38 in favor of King Kenny. Puzzling scorecards and results considering Sensei looked to be the clear winner.

Even in crossover boxing, the judges can't get it right

Following that four-rounder was a one-sided contest in which Deji gave Fousey the business. Deji was just the aggressor from the opening bell, landing whatever he threw and scoring knockdowns. Fousey's nose was busted in the third round. Shortly after, his corner threw in the towel, mercifully ending the bout. Deji called out Bryce Hall, so keep an eye out if that actually comes to fruition.

The co-main event of this event from the sold-out O2 Arena was between Faze Temper and Slim Albaher. Pretty much a mauling contest between two ranged fighters that saw blood early on from Temper and a lot of jaw-jacking from the referee. The difference in the fight was Slim had a right hand that caused problems and did that when it landed flush when Temper dropped his hands. From there, Temper was on wobbly legs, and the referee waived this. 2:22 of Round 2 was the official time of the stoppage.

KSI was the main event to close out the bill, and in this three-round contest, he faced Mexican Luis Alcaraz Pineda. Pineda's touted line was a “professional boxer” with a record before the bell of 2-5. Despite the seven-fight veteran's resume, he was given the road smattering of boos and Michael Buffer reminding us to let's get ready to rumble. The first ruled knockdown scored was by KSI as he was complaining about being hit in the back of the head. It looked like a body shot that did it both times.

Pineda didn't throw a punch until halfway thru the first round, and by that time, he was knocked down twice and looked to already be ready to go home. The broadcast was all over Pineda, complaining when KSI was landing clean body shots. They didn't stop coming, and Pineda offered nothing in return. After a knockdown from a flush overhand right in the second round by KSI, it felt like a matter of when, not if, this would end.

To Pineda's credit, he was still there after two rounds. The first punch of the third round sent Pineda down again, and so did the fourth, ending this main event. A terrible main event, professional or crossover by any level of boxing standards. The official time of the stoppage was 50 seconds in the third round. What's next for KSI is probably more of “these fights.” Still, it looked like easy work for KSI against two very carefully selected opponents, not on his level in the ring.