Joyce vs Ali Prediction: Juggernaut’s Return to Form



Joyce vs Ali Prediction: Juggernaut’s Return to Form

One of the world's best heavyweight boxers is looking to get back on track this weekend — and this Joyce vs Ali prediction should show why he has an excellent chance of doing so. 

While there's no shame in losing to Zhilei “Big Bang” Zhang, Joe Joyce is surely keen to prove that he isn't the same fighter who suffered those those consecutive KO losses last year. 

And although his opponent this weekend is a force to be reckoned with, our Joe Joyce vs Kash Ali prediction is that one of these warriors is destined to crumble. 

Magnificent Seven: Joyce vs Ali Prediction

Joe Joyce Preview

Joe “Juggernaut” Joyce — a British boxer with a 15-2 record, which includes 14 KO victories — had a devastating 2023. Once considered one of boxing's top heavyweight contenders, Joyce suffered two straight KO defeats at the hands of Zhilei Zhang. 

After those back to back defeats, Joyce now needs to get back on track if he's to ever contend for a championship belt again. 

While it was Zhang's aggressive southpaw that was Joyce's downfall, our Joyce vs Ali prediction is that “Juggernaut” will have a much easier time maneuvering into winning positions this weekend. 

Because Ali is an orthodox fighter that doesn't have a height advantage over Joyce, we expect to see Joyce working at range much more often than he did in his last two fights. 

Peppering Ali with jabs should open up avenues for Joyce's devastating right hand to land — and when it does, we don't expect Ali to withstand the onslaught for much longer. 

Kash Ali Preview

Kash Ali — a British boxer with a 21-2 record, which includes 12 KO victories — is set to earn what's likely the biggest payday of his life this weekend, when he faces off against Joe Joyce. 

But does Ali also have a chance of securing a win? The oddsmakers don't seem to think so. 

While Ali's punching power doesn't match that of Joyce, there's no doubt that he can put Joyce's lights out of he connects with something clean to his chin.

Perhaps Ali can capitalize on Joyce's desperation in this fight. Since Joyce will be eager to prove that he isn't damaged goods, he might come out over-aggressive, not utilizing the patient yet vicious fighting style that we had seen from him prior to 2023. 

If this is the case, our Joe Joyce vs Kash Ali prediction is that the latter could capitalize on mistakes — and maybe earn himself a KO finish.

Joe Joyce vs Kash Ali: Bombs Away From Joyce

Our official Joyce vs Ali prediction is that Joyce will win this fight by KO.  

Given that Joyce is such a gigantic favorite, it doesn't make much sense to bet him on the moneyline. But since him securing a KO — which is currently available at -600 — seems like a certainty, we would suggest that bet. 

That being said, because we think Ali will be able to last a few rounds, taking the Over 4.5 rounds prop bet — available at +100 — could net you some cash.

Let's see whether Joyce can right the ship this weekend!

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.