Harry Gigliotti Nears Bare Knuckle Fighting Debut



Harry Gigliotti Nears Bare Knuckle Fighting Debut

Harry Gigliotti will have his bare knuckle fighting debut on Dec. 2.

Gigliotti, fun name to say, you pronounce it with a soft “G,” owns a 9-5 record as a pro boxer. It's a deceptive record, which indicates neither his skill set nor his value as an entertaining athlete.

I spoke at length with Harrison on Oct. 27, when we called fights together, in Danvers, Mass. (Note: Scroll to end of story for mini rant about how welcoming Danvers was overall, to pro boxing.) The 28 year old Harry Gigliotti checked in with me Monday, informing on how he's feeling about his first bare knuckle fight.

“The Hitman” showed a tremendous acumen for on-air analysis, and I had a helluva time working with him.

Harry Gigliotti fights Dec 2, 2023

“The Hitman” on Oct 27th spoke about how taking an L isn't lethal, more fighters need to challenge themselves harder, and be more open to the possibility of not winning 'em all!

He'd never done it before, he said, but his instincts and skills suggest he's a solid student, even if some of that was subconscious immersion.

There will be time for Harry Gigliotti to help call fights, but he's in his athletic prime, he told me, so there's much more fighting to be done. I asked for an update on training.

Harry Gigliotti fights on the Dec 2 Rocky Mountain Brawl

Cody Jenkins seeks to welcome Harry to the discipline rudely. “Hitman” Harry Gigliotti nailed his live ringside color gig Oct 27, now looks to bare knuckle debut.

Camp Update From Harry Gigliotti

“Camp is going great so far,” said the Reyes Boxing Promotions fighter, who has been on national TV a few times already.

“I have been following a consistent and rigorous schedule that includes strength and conditioning, sprints, and intense cardio workouts. As part of my training, I have had the opportunity to spar with Rob Font, the #8 ranked bantamweight in the UFC.

“Additionally, I have been doing traditional boxing sessions with Nate Balakin, who is preparing for his fight against Nicky Tejeda in two weeks,” Gigliotti continued. “I feel strong and ready to rock and roll for my upcoming debut. Everything is falling into place beautifully.”

Bare Knuckle Fighting Debut Will Unfold In Denver, Colorado

Harry Gigliotti, who showed a great flair for understanding when in ring action lagged the timing was right for anecdotes and such on Oct 27, informed me that he's signed to BYB Extreme, which is run by Floridian Mike Vazquez. Dada 5000 and him started the concept in 2015.

BYB bare knuckle fighting hums along nicely, and presents a solid-product, with talent like Paul Malignaggi and Mike Goldberg providing commentary and analysis. The Dec 2 card will unspool at the Stockyards Event Center in Denver.

You can watch their content on the BEin channel, for the record.

Harry sent me lowdown on camp after apologizing, being that he was at his older brother Douglas' BJJ tournament, and he wanted to give proper attention to that. Harry Gigliotti is an easy one to root for, so yes, I'm circling the calendar and will watch the debut for the Mass. man in this cousin to Queensberry Rules.

BYB Extreme Lowdown

Vazquez shared a bit on this match, and the company as a whole: “I saw him on the Triller show, told my matchmaker, this guy was exciting, let's see what he’s up to,” Vazquez told me. “We're building up the division. Cody has experience, has come very close in his losses, he's very game.” Sounds like this is no gimme for Harry in his welcome To BYB match.

Oh, and “the Triller show,” that produced drama beyond what was shown on the screen.

Vaquez is happy about his company's momentum. “We did none shows this year, aiming for one a month in 2024, networks are stating to take notice. A movie out in the spring, from Billy Corben (“Dawg Fight,” “Cocaine Cowboys”) will feature BYB and will draw attention. Our product is: when people see the show, they love it, so we're building on that.”

Michael Reyes is too pumped for the Gigliotti BYB gig, he wants the kid to fight plenty and show the wider world his talents. “Harry's ready to take over bare knuckle and be a giant star!”

END NOTE: The promoter Michael Reyes  informs me it's a one and done for Danvers, there are places that are much more open to pro fighting than this town, which didn't act like they wanted the promotion it must be said.

The township or whoever decided they'd not allow beer to be sold, so that hung the promoter out. Danvers had never featured pro boxing, and guess what, may never again!


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