George Foreman has Thoughts on Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul



George Foreman has Thoughts on Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

George Foreman is being asked about it: What’s his take on that July 20 exhibition pitting Mike Tyson, 57, against 27 years old Jake Paul.

Jake Paul is a helluva athlete; the genes from his parents are of high caliber. Older brother Logan Paul’s arsenal of moves after training briefly for the WWE platform further solidifies that theory.


Jake Paul is a neophyte boxer. He’s come down far so quick, but you can’t really train a chin.

George Foreman on Mike Tyson Vs Jake Paul

George says this is good for boxing as a whole

And at 57, is Mike Tyson what he was in 1985, ‘95, or even 2005, when he had his (to this point) final professional match?


He might’ve been more dangerous to Jake Paul as a 14 year old, in 1980.

Mike Tyson on the NYFIGHTS Best Boxers From New York list

Is there enough left of this guy to do damage to Jake Paul?

But if he’s feeling like it’s ok to let loose on Jake in Texas, within one minute, he SHOULD be able to bull rush Jake, and land some thunder.

It’ll be rusty but still with enough oomph to discombobulate Jake, and for the count of ten to be reached.

IF, we don’t know the rules and regs.

George Foreman Weighs in

George Foreman has a take on the July 20 event in Texas, and on Netflix.

Age vs Youth on this occasion saw the elder athlete get the W….

I reached out to this Texas resident. George, I asked, Mike Tyson should be able to drop and stop young Jake, no?

The 75 year old living legend George Foreman answered:

“Jake Paul is no pushover and he is not afraid of any of these guys,” he said. “Time is on his side. So happy for Mike Tyson, he needed this excitement in his life. Everyone is talking about it. Answer to your question: “No.”


Listen to George Foreman, his intellect and experience demand it. He’s saying youth will be served July 20.

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