BREAKING: Georges St-Pierre Returning For Grappling Event



BREAKING: Georges St-Pierre Returning For Grappling Event

Georges St-Pierre was the focal point of the UFC's big surprise announcement prior to the UFC 290 press conference. Arguably the welterweight GOAT, GSP had had one of the most historic and illustrious careers in MMA, let alone the UFC's 170lb division. In fact, after originally retiring, Georges returned, went up a weight class, and won the belt at middleweight at the expense of Michael Bisping.

While he's known as one of the most well-rounded fighters of all time, ‘Rush' is mostly known for his grappling. And, on that note, he announced that he'll be competing at a UFC Fight Pass Invitational event. Down below, we'll cover everything you need to know/everything released about the GSP return.

The Return of Georges St-Pierre: Details of Upcoming Match

While the details are a bit scarce at the moment, we know GSP will grapple in December, and that's enough to put fans in seats. GSP detailed that he was given a list of potential competitors(unlikely, but fingers are crossed for Khabib Nurmagomedov) and he'll look into his options.

‘Rush' is doing this for multiple reasons; he knows he's not going to become the best submission wrestler in the world at this age, but he does need to scratch that competitive itch and he wants to give the fans a good show. Both of those will be resolved as he makes the walk to the mat at the end of the year.

Hosted on UFC Fight Pass, the Invitational events have put on great shows for both hardcore grappling fans and MMA fans that are looking to expand their combat sports knowledge. We recently saw everyone's favorite grappler, Craig Jones, get the win against a very game Felipa Pena.

What Should We Expect From the GSP Return?

Georges St-Pierre

Well, that's hard to hone in on at the moment. We don't have an opponent nor are we certain on the ruleset. But, per GSP's appearance with Brendan Fitzgerald moments before the UFC 290 press conference, it sounds like St-Pierre is aiming for the most exciting variables to make his return to competition as fan-friendly as possible.

GSP has won UFC titles at welterweight and middleweight. His career, as prolific as any, saw him pick up wins over fighters like the aforementioned Michael Bisping, Nick Diaz, Matt Hughes, Matt Serra, BJ Penn, Carlos Condit and many other exceptional fighters.

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