Ban Dillian Whyte For Life?



Ban Dillian Whyte For Life?

Dillian Whyte has added another accomplishment to his impeccable résumé. No, he still hasn’t won a world title, but if there were a Failed Drug Test Hall of Fame, he would be among the greatest in history.

The perennial heavyweight contender was set to face longtime domestic rival Anthony Joshua in a rematch set for August 12 in London, nearly eight years after their first bout, which saw Joshua stop Dillian Whyte in seven rounds.

The bout was officially canceled on Saturday after multiple drug tests conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) found “adverse analytical findings” in his samples, a fancy way of saying, you failed.

As previously mentioned, this is a recurring theme for Whyte.

Dillian Whyte busted again

Dillian Whyte has been busted before!

He was banned for two years after he tested positive for a controlled substance in 2012.

He was also provisionally suspended in July 2019 after failing a UK-Anti Doping (UKAD) test for trace amounts of two banned steroids.

He was reinstated five months later after UKAD ruled he didn’t intentionally dope because the amounts were “very low.”

Once cleared, Whyte tweeted, “For those who believed in me I won’t forget you. To those who didn’t, I won’t forgive you and I know who you are.”

How ironic.

UKAD is partially to blame

When you let someone off the hook after committing wrongdoing, it can do various things.

The person either learns their lesson and does the right thing in the future, or it enables them to continue down their path of destruction.

UKAD didn’t make the right call as we’re here yet again.

Had they stuck to their knives—since guns are essentially banned in England—Dillian Whyte would have been issued a lengthy suspension, and this conversation wouldn’t be taking place.

After his third failed drug test, Whyte released the following statement.

“I am shocked and devastated to learn of a report by VADA of adverse findings relating to me. I only learned of it this morning and am still reacting to it. I have also just seen that the fight is being cancelled without having any chance to demonstrate my innocence before the decision was taken.

“I can confirm without a shadow of doubt that I have not taken the reported substance, in this camp or at any point in my life. I am completely innocent and ask to be given the time to go through the process of proving this without anybody jumping to conclusions or a trial by media.”

How many times can one be shocked and devastated over the same thing?

If Jarrell Miller failed a seventh drug test to extend his all-time record, would anyone take a “shocked and devastated” argument seriously?

Anthony Joshua fight Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller June 1 and we asked pundits who'll prevail.

This has happened before

I would hope not, but I’m not convinced.

Whoever put this statement out on Whyte’s behalf needs to be fired.

The substance got there somehow. He failed multiple tests. Wording it this way suggests that VADA made it up.

Is there any proof of that? If you failed one, there’s a chance. You fail two? You’re treading water and sinking fast.

UKAD ruled that Dillian Whyte unintentionally doped.

If this were the case, wouldn’t an intelligent person be more careful next time?

Or are we dealing with a guy who has never shown an iota of interest in being responsible for anything he has done.

Are we also supposed to believe Whyte is “the real WBC champion” as he refers to himself on Twitter, albeit it’s a mere fantasy.

The reality is that Whyte has quite literally urinated away all his opportunities of becoming the “real” champion.

Sorry not sorry; the promoters deserve it, too

This is karma for everyone involved, from UKAD to Eddie Hearn and Matchroom, for trying to shove this terrible fight down the fans’ throats.

It backfired in their faces. The first bout was one-sided, and the rematch was likely bound to underwhelm.

Had UKAD issued a lengthy suspension for Whyte, we wouldn’t be here, would we?

And if Matchroom had attempted to make a fight that fans desired, perhaps a long-awaited fight against former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, this mess could have been avoided altogether.

Now Matchroom has the impossible task of finding Joshua a worthy replacement opponent on one week’s notice.

Good luck with that.

I have an idea. Ban Dillian Whyte for life; maybe fewer people would be callous enough to cheat—just a thought.