Amado Vargas Update: Getting Better, As Dynasty Deepens



Amado Vargas Update: Getting Better, As Dynasty Deepens

Former two-time world champion Fernando Vargas and his three sons want to do what no other family in boxing history has done. That’s for all three of his kids, Emiliano, the baby, middle son Amado, oldest son Fernando Jr, to win world titles, adding to the crowns “El Feroz” snagged.

Sure, there have been plenty of siblings, dad, and son champions, but nothing like what the Vargas family is trying to achieve.

They’ve dubbed themselves “the Vargas Dynasty.”

The Vargas Dynasty

This is a fighting family!

Although Fernando preferred that his sons become doctors or lawyers, they decided to follow in his footsteps.

Now, the trio of pugilists are on a quest to become world champions and cement their legacy in boxing's history books.

Amado Vargas Talks To NYFIGHTS

NYFights recently caught up with Fernando's middle son, Amado Vargas.

Amado told us what he had lined up for 2024 and his role in contributing to the Vargas dynasty.

I was unaware that Amado Vargas no longer went by his boxing moniker, “El Malvado,” which translates to “the wicked one.”

The 23-year-old offspring of “El Feroz” sternly addressed this point when I uttered the nickname.

“I don’t go by that nickname no more! Amado Fernando Vargas, that's it! Since the beginning of my career, my father has tried to dictate what I should do. I'm myself, and no one's going to dictate my career. And nobody's going to dictate the way I present myself. I feel that the way I come is just Amado Fernando Vargas.”

Fernando and Amado

After firmly correcting my mishap, we continued with the chat.

Amado is 10-0 with four knockouts. Six of those wins took place last year alone.

When I asked if he planned to keep the same busy schedule this year as last year, the California native had this to say:

“We're training hard every single day. You know, listening to my father, a former world champion. My dad knows the ins and outs of the sport. So, all I'm doing is working hard every single day. No days off.

“So, we are going to continue to listen to our father. My dad has been in places where I'm headed. And that's something very special and something great that I have. I have a former world champion in my father who has guided me throughout my career and life.”

I don't think he answered my question, but he left no doubt that he will be physically ready while his father takes care of the business aspects of boxing.

Amado Vargas Has Been Learning Lessons

Of the six fights last year, the young Vargas said that one fight didn't clearly stand out as a “lesson learned.”

“All of them were a good learning stage in terms of career growth,” he said. “I'm a different fighter now. Even my dad said after sparring today, ‘Son, I'm not just saying this, but you're on a whole different level.’ I’m learning by getting punched. I’m learning to keep my hands up.”

Amado Vargas continued, “You know, as my career keeps progressing, the fights are doing their job of showing me how to be the fighter I am today.

“And I'm getting excellent sparring work out here in Vegas. It’s making me a hell of a fighter- a smarter fighter.

Amado Vargas

Losses can be fruitful, if lessons are learned. Amado says that’s the case with him

“Like I said, my dad knows what he's doing, and I trust my father with all my heart. I'm working hard, and when you work hard, you have a student mentality. There's no way but up, and that's where I'm headed.”

Like his brothers, Amado said that the dynasty's success was assured in winning. “Winning! All I'm worried about is winning. With hard work, prayer, and faith in Jesus Christ, we can achieve whatever we put our minds to. I know this sport is very tough, but if you put in the work it comes easy.

“In the Vargas dynasty, we each hold our own weight every time we step in the ring. I would never quit on my father because of what he represents. Once you quit, it's easy for you to quit again.

”Throughout my dad's career, my father never quit and that's why a lot of fans respect my dad,” expressed Amado.

Amado Vargas Fights Saturday, March 16

Amado kicks off his 2024 boxing campaign this Saturday, March 16th.

There are plans for a possible fight against Ryan Garcia's younger brother, Sean, later this year.

Amado Vargas also expressed that he wants to fight a notable opponent and hopes to fight for a strap by the end of the year.

Amado concluded the interview by thanking the fans for their love and support of him, his father, and his brothers.

My Take: Amado Vargas resembles his father the most in terms of fighting tenacity.

Amado is a pressure fighter that throws a lot of hard combinations. However, his father is honing his boxing skills to refine that tenacity better.

If Fernando can pull that off, I believe that Amado will be the fighter that most resembles who his father was as a fighter.

Fernando Vargas was one of his era's most entertaining, tenacious, and toughest fighters.

His sons all have the physical attributes and talents to make noise in their respective divisions.

And with their legendary father at the helm of their careers, a Vargas dynasty can soon become a reality.